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Fyffe, AL UFO Encounter

This short 35mm wide screen film was designed to catch the attention of young people in movie theatres during coming attractions to encourage them to wear seatbelts, to not drink and drive…and surprisingly enough, to recycle (The Aliens dump a six pack of beer in a county recyle center as it leaves the small Alabama town of Fyffe, Alabama.) I filmed the project wide screen with 35mm Panaflex and Mitchell cameras. In camera effects were created via the use of beam splitters in front of the camera lens and neon rods, and highway road sign SCOTCHLITE relective material.

Space Ship Prop: Scott & Susan Feldman
of Atlanta Props

Many thanks to the town of Fyffe, Alabama and to it’s local law enforcement for their steadfast support in assisting with the production of this film.

Tom Lenard, Producer, Director/DP-Editor
Tom Causland, First AD
Cedron Wynn, Audio/Engineering
Donnie Anderson, Grip Truck
Mike Watkins, props/explosive effects
Tim Spain, Production Assistant
Don Davino and Philip Gowan, Production Assistants
John Gilbert, rear/front screen projections
“Little Joe” Cattalanotto, Crane/Generator and explosives expert (Little Joe with the help of his brothers and other stringers were “Independent Studios” out of New Orleans. Katrina completely flooded Little Joe out of business.)

Filmmaker: Tom C. Lenard
(Producer, Director/DP/EDITOR)
1989 All Rights Reserved

Duration : 0:2:27

[youtube Q0G53K0cbW4]