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Chinese July Ghost-Festival Spanned Road votes & 5 Attractions

(Nextmedia)Chinese July Ghost-Festival, in the spirit of the nether world awaiting samsara are to report to walk, he scooped the Ghost-Festival is a street is a ghost. "However, as long as they do not voluntarily provocative, such as playing diexian, label, normally does not disturb you. They love to return to their home or their own lifetime reinstatement; no relatives or friends would gather there are no sacred places, such as opening or Temple of God. 1.cinema, love to see sobbing scenes 2. Casino fun poly grievances. 3. Exploration of the old cemetery. 4. Looking for scapegoats in hospitals. 5. Back alley. olfactory food fragrant Spiritual body came to the spirits and play, not only of the district traffic! powerful spiritual body an opportunity not to be; general body, can only walk or wander away his residence or place. If so, you want to cross-zone or even abroad, shall be carried out by the Mage or burn road, summoning ceremony tickets Tickets for the road like a passport. Mage by ceremony aboard the spiritual body, as was the local gods, or get lost into the soul of the ghosts is unable to swim back home. Death, due to distance, family, fear of the soul can not find the way home, please call the Mage to help the soul across geographical boundaries, the way home. According to legend, the great day of ziwei bless the Festival to call on the metaverse; guanqing virtual great sins, Festival on July 15, known as the Ghost Festival; water hole Yin great solutions, Festival on October 15, said the metaverse. The Ghost Festival period, the emperor will Purdue wandering band guilty for the sin of sins, but can only reduce cannot unlock the spirits to rest at an early date. During the Taoist temples "in praying", commonly known as "Dojo" and praying for the people.

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