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The New Orleans Saints and the upcoming Super Bowl have been the talk of the Big Easy for awhile now.  Can you blame these tenacious fans?  But even with all the excitement of the Saints’ history making trip to the coveted Super Bowl, when sitting down over a few Abitas (a local beer) local discussions aren’t just about the big game.  

Who Dats? L-O-V-E their Boys in Black, there is no doubt about that.  But there is one in particular that has done more to restore our faith and claim our hearts than others. The shining star that doesn’t hold himself so high above the rest of us, Drew Brees. The Quarter Back extraordinaire has turned out to be an extraordinary person as well. 
Fox and Friends had Drew on this week to talk about his involvement with Hope Lodge and the American Cancer Society. A wonderful project and I hope you voted.  Most of you are well aware of everything Drew has done on and off the field to help New Orleans and the people in it.  This is but one example.  You may even know this story, but it bears repeating. 

Matthew Bertucci has been a Saints fan since birth according to his Mom.  Less than a year ago this teenager developed some facial numbness which was warning signs of a tumor in the spine that has affected his cranial nerves.  He is presently in the New Orleans Children’s Hospital undergoing chemo and fighting for his life.  The Saints winning season has done much to give hope to this young fan. In a recent interview with WGNO 26, Matthew named Drew Brees as the New Orleans Saints player he would most like to meet.  Well Matthew got his wish; Drew went to visit Matthew in the hospital.  He did not have to, but he wanted to.  It makes a difference.  Drew makes a difference. 

This difference was brought home to me in a conversion with a friend.  “There are people from here (New Orleans), people who have to be here for one reason or another, but you can always tell the people who want to be here.  Drew Brees wants to be here.  Whether he is on the football field or not Drew Brees, and Sean Peyton for that matter, bring dignity to this city.  We forgot what that was like.  We need that. They make us proud.”

So let’s raise those Abitas high. Here’s to you, Drew!

By Sharon Denise Talbot

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