New Orleans

Rewind to 1977: I was sitting in the back of geometry class with the newest Fern Michaels paperback stuck in my text book.  I have always been an avid reader and in those teenage days much preferred romantic fiction to any type of math. (Actually, I still do.) On this day I had an empowering revelation and it wasn’t about how to find the area of a triangle.
The historical female lead in this book was not the boringly typical simpering, swooning maid.  She didn’t wring her hands and wait to be rescued.   This particular lady kicked ass and took names all on her own.  Since I was never one of those girly-girls, this was excellent news.  Her name was Sirena and she was a Pirate! For as long as it took me to finish the book (twice) I sailed the seas and kicked butt right alongside her.  It was awesome.
Fast forward to 2008:  I am waiting on traffic at a corner in the New Orleans French Quarter and swaggering down the street is my teenage hero, Sirena the Pirate, in full swashbuckling regalia.  I’m talking plumed hat, bustier, knee boots and sword clanking at her side.  I blinked a few times but Sirena was still there, only it wasn’t Sirena from “Captive Passions”,  it was Renee’ of the New Orleans Krewe of Pirate Wenches.

Ahoy there, mates! The NOLA Wenches is a social club located in New Orleans, their favorite port of call. These Pirate pretties party and celebrate in the tradition of the Krewes of old.  According to their website the Krewe was founded in August 2007 in New Orleans.  Their mission is to bring a taste of the sometimes scandalous and revelrous high seas life of the 17th century into the lives of the modern-day pirates and wenches as they eat, drink, and terrorize the town for great causes.

These gals and guys are dedicated to bringing the history of the New Orleans pirates, privateers and Baratarians alive and incorporating that into all they do for the community. They do everything from parade, promote tourism, perform, to promote and support local NOLA establishments. Since 2007 they have volunteered their time and efforts at countless fundraising events, parades, parties, and acts of piracy.

There is plenty of plundering and cannons thundering going on here!  Hey Jimmy, it’s not too late!  Doesn’t that just shiver your timbers? Yo Ho It’s a Pirates life for me!

By Sharon  Denise Talbot

Interested in joining the Krewe or taking part in some piratical escapades.  For more information on the Krewe of Pirate Wenches visit

New Orleans