n1047788949_2009 New Orleans WHO DAT?  DO DAT!
“People to see, Places to go, Things to do in NOLA”
by   Sharon Denise Talbot

Hello, my name is Denise Talbot and I am a New Orleansaholic.  My last visit was…………

Hey y’all!  Welcome to Who Dat? Do Dat!  Relax.  This is not a meeting or an intervention.  This site is an all out celebration of New Orleans, the people, places and things that make New Orleans, well, New Orleans.  There is no other place like it!

I just can’t quite agree with Dorothy.  She says “There is no place like home.”  I say, “unless it’s NOLA! “.   I mean the  STL_04_nsilly girl followed a yellow brick road to the Emerald City instead of the Mississippi River to the Crescent City.  What was she thinking?  Just between you and me, I personally think she got some bad directions.  Ergo, Who Dat? Do Dat!

Dorothy obviously didn’t have a GPS and you won’t need one.  Who Dat? Do Dat! will show you the way.  Let me share  with you my passion for this Louisiana landmark.  Who Dat? Do Dat! will take you down the streets of the historic French Quarter, visit shops and restaurants throughout the city, introduce you to the local people and keep you updated on the events and attractions in and around this amazing place.

In the interest of full disclosure, my shameless love affair with this city started years ago and I confess is still ongoing.  While I no longer have a NOLA address it is my “heart’s desire” to maybe call it home again one day.   I do have an unbelievably wonderful husband who is frequently there on business and brings me along.  Not to mention an awesome sister-in-law with a condo in the French Quarter!  You rock Trish! Who needs a wizard!

Somewhere over the rainbow, um sorry Dorothy that would be the Bonnet Carre’,  is the experience called New Orleans just waiting for you (and your little dog too).  Come on. Click your heels three times and say “There is no place like NOLA”.

See you there!

P.S.   Red shoes are completely optional.

Hey y’all!  My first children’s book is now available.  WHOOP!  WHOOP! This is so exciting!  This first book is a true labor of love dedicated to my beautiful granddaughters. It is also extra special because the illustrations were done by my daughter, Laura Ashley Talbot.  “I Love You Bigger than The Sky!” is not only a favorite saying that my little hunny bunnies and I share, but the book is full of our favorite things that pale in comparison to how “BIG” we love each other! I know you can relate.

I love being a parent but for me being a grand- parent is a whole new kind of joy.  Who knew?!  It has inspired me in so many ways.   Whether you are a grand-parent, parent or just have a little someone who you love really “BIG” tell them with this super cute book.  It is a tuck-in time essential!
Follow the link below to order your first edition copy of “I Love You Bigger Than The Sky!”  Check back for dates and locations of forthcoming book signings. Bring your copy!


Look for more of my upcoming children’s books to be available shortly.  Thanks so much for your support!

Sharon Denise Talbot