New Orleans Saints Free Agency News

The 2017 Saints and Free Agency               There has been a little bustle activity in the New Orleans Saints camp in recent days. The big question is how much did the roster actually improve and which players will be in the crosshairs in the NFL draft?  With the first week […]

Sexual Abuse Is A Crime No Matter Who Perpetrates It

Sexual Abuse Is A Crime No Matter Who Perpetrates It The worst crimes are those committed upon the helpless by those who have power over them or have their trust. While we can argue whether or not the recent examples of Mormon sexual abuse and Catholic Church abuse are new or having been occurring behind […]

Tenth Les Comédiens Français Lecture On Julien Poydras in New Orleans

The Historic New Orleans Collection will host a lecture at the Williams Research Center to explore the life and poetry of Julien Poydras. Don’t miss this one!    Tenth Les Comédiens Français Lecture explores the life and poetry of Julien Poydras Presentation will feature Howard Margot and Janet Daley Duval   WHO:             The Historic New […]

New Orleans Antiques Forum Celebrates Two Bicentennials

Registration for the New Olreans Antiques Forum is coming up.  Mark your calendars because you don’t want to miss this.     New Orleans Antiques Forum celebrates two bicentennials Registration for fifth annual event opens Friday, June 1; forum will be held August 2–5   WHO:             The Historic New Orleans Collection   WHAT:           2012 New […]

Fashion Week NOLA Poolside at the W New Orleans

It will be nice and steamy in NOLA for Fashion Week.  Come join us poolside!!    Fashion Week NOLA Hosts Poolside Fashion Shows at W New Orleans   WHO:     Fashion Week NOLA and W New Orleans This event is free and open to the public.   WHAT:    “Strut & Swim W Happenings” – a series of poolside […]

New Orleans Police Department Says Murder Rate is Down

According to the New Orleans Police Department -Public Relation Office there has been a significant drop in the murder rate for the first Quarter. New Orleans Police Department- Public Information Office   First Quarter Crime Report  of 2012 Shows Significant Drop in Murder       (May 15, 2012)-  The first quarter of 2012’s Uniform Crime […]

Is Arthri-d a Miracle or Scam

In Louisiana and New Orleans in particular the humidity causes many people to suffer with arthritis and joint pain. Arthri-d is one of several supplements that claim to provide relief for its users. This article discusses those claims. You should never use any treatments for arthritis or joint pain without first checking with your physician. […]

Is The French Quarter Safe

Many people are questioning the safety in the New Olreans French Quarter.  Even though the Quarter is considered safe, incidents still occur like the one below.  Be aware of your surroundings at all times and use common sense when out alone.   On Saturday, May 5, 2012, at 4:00pm, the victim, 27 y/o W/M, was […]

Nopalea and NOLA A Winning Combo

Nopalea If you are coming to New Orleans to partake of all the city has to offer, come prepared. There is a lot to do and you don’t want to miss out because of inflammation or feeling not up to par. So start your Nopalea regime now! When you take Nopalea daily, it can help […]