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Flashing for Beads on Bourbon Street

New Orleans and Bourbon Street in particular is known for having an anything goes attitude. This video illustrates of of the “customs” that are allowed during Mardi Gras season, flashing for beads on Bourbon Street.

Is Flashing for Beads In New Orleans Allowed All Over The City?


Who Dat Do Dat Flashing For Beads On Bourbon Street
Who Dat Do Dat Flashing For Beads On Bourbon Street


While it is thought that “flashing for beads” is allowed all over New Orleans all of the time this is incorrect. It is not a custom or a tradition. Flashing for beads is however allowed during Mardi Gras in the French Quarter and mainly on Bourbon Street. Anywhere else in the city, you run the risk of going to jail.

This means that you can enjoy Mardi Gras with your family in other parts of the city without having to worry that your children will see anything that would be inappropriate.

The main reason for this is the number of people. When Mardi Gras and the weeks leading up to Mardi Gras occur there are huge numbers of people crammed into a very small space. This makes it difficult for police to move and operate. This means that things happen that would not normally happen. Police have to pick their battles. So flashing for beads becomes a victimless crime that is not worth prosecuting.

So if you want to see real Mardi Gras traditions stay off of Bourbon Street. There are plenty of things to see that are exciting and suitable for the entire family. If however seeing women flashing for beads is your thing then head down to Bourbon Street.

Flashing for Mardi Gras Beads has become a controversial custom on Bourbon Street.

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