The Who Dat nation has always been loud and proud (some years more than others), but Who Dats! are definitely one of the more loyal breeds.  New Orleans Saints fans have always been there to protect and defend their team. They would never bite the hand that feeds them, but the Vikings fans better keep their hands in their pockets!

 Beware of the Saints Fan.  The Dome Patrol is marking their territory. Today even the most well- mannered of the litter, are showing their black and gold pride and some teeth in the streets of the Big Easy.  The pack is definitely circling, scenting a win in the Superdome.  These guys are off the chain!!  
When the Saints bring the Vikings to heel on Sunday, good luck putting these big dogs back in their cage!

Who let the Saints Fans out?  Drew Dat! Drew Dat!    
By Sharon Denise Talbot