New Orleans WHO DAT?  DO DAT!

“People to see, Places to go, Things to do in NOLA”

                 by    Sharon Denise Talbot

No paper bags in sight these days!  You know what I’m talking about.  Loud and proud, the Who Dat Nation is singing their favorite song. That’s right, baby, “When the Saints Come Marching In.”!  This enthusiastic fervor for the New Orleans home team has brought such crowds to Crescent City and French Quarter it feels like Mardi Gras has come early.  Things are really cooking in the Big Easy.  Bless you Boys!

When the New Orleans Saints come marching into the Superdome on Saturday they bring with them the hopes and prayers of Saint fans everywhere.  Drew and crew have done an awesome job this season taking our team to the number one slot in the NFC.  Boasting a 13-0 record before the last three losses the Saints were on fire. 
Looking to fan that flame, our boys take on the Arizona Cardinals in our first game of the playoffs.  Who Dat say they gonna beat them Saints? I never had cardinal gumbo, but for us Louisiana Saints fans a bird is a bird right?    Somebody grab the pot!  Who Dat!