In Louisiana another day has come to an end.
Time to sleep, but first a talk with Jesus, my friend.
Forgive me Lord for not being able to concentrate.
Check the calendar, what’s the date?
February 6th,   Lord is that right?
Do I really have to endure another night?
You know patience is not my best trait.
The Super Bowl is tomorrow, but it’s been tough to wait.
Now I lay me down to bed
I’m going to really try to get all my prayers said.
Dear Jesus, staying on topic is kind of hard
When all I can think is “Bless those Boys, Lord!”
The Fleur de lis and “Who Dat?” we’ve been told,
does not belong to the fans of Black and Gold.
Now Lord, you know that’s just not right,
And I know you will take care of that particular slight.
I close my eyes but all I can see
are visions of my Saints hoisting that big ole trophy.
Tomorrow, February 7th, is Super Bowl Sunday.
Yes!! The Saints and the Colts will finally play.
And when it’s over and the fat lady sings
I pray it won’t be the Colts wearing those rings!
Let the New Orleans Saints go marching in
And right back out with the Super Bowl win!
Please “Bless those Boys!” and all of us who cheer it.
In the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.
I think I’ll try to sleep now, so good night my friend.
Thank you for everything, Lord Jesus.  Amen.

By Sharon Denise Talbot