I’ve Got The Music In Me……  NKN_1629p

Think of New Orleans as a jigsaw puzzle.  A lot of little crazy pieces, but when it all comes together makes a beautifully perfect picture.  When you are doing a puzzle you always start with a corner piece or at least a really distinctive one, right?  This could cause some debate but when it comes to that corner piece in the puzzle called New Orleans, I think it has got to be the music.

There are so many distinctive things about NOLA, but you can’t help not just hear the music but feel it.  It seeps into your soul.  The music bridges genres, cultures, age groups, etc.  It’s all about the music here and you just can’t ignore it. 

Whether it’s a jazzy second line in Jackson Square or the smoky blues wafting out of a Bourbon Street club or even  Zydeco night at the Rock ‘n’ Bowl in Mid City, make sure you get all the pieces.  This is a puzzle you will want to put together again and again.

………..I’ve Got The Music In Me.