One of my favorite things about New Orleans is its uniqueness. There is always something going on, constantly changing craziness, but yet somehow in all the craziness, the same.   I love sitting at a favorite sidewalk table at a favorite dining spot with my favorite dinner companion.  I have the same evening view of Decatur Street but the dash of different is the constantly changing scene.  Taxis. cars, trucks, motorcycles, horse and buggies, delivery vans and bicycles make up the constant flow of traffic. The flow of people is just as eclectic.  I might and usually do see people I know and definitely some I don’t and still some I don’t care to know. The cool part is I get to meet new, interesting people that I want to know.  Usually it is because they stop to ask about what is in my plate, or maybe they want directions or even on ocassion because their dog wants to know what is in my plate. 
Even though I have seen some very interesting and definitely different sights sitting on that same corner, I have never before left my table and chased one of those sights down to find out who and what they were.  That is until last night. I told y’all I am nosey, but I don’t think many of you would have let this one walk by without asking the obvious questions: ‘Who are you?” and “What are you doing?”.

Let me be the first to introduce you to the “Mystery Monger”.  The Mystery Monger walks around the New Orleans French Quarter in the early or sometimes late evenings offering up “Moments of Mystery”.  For two American dollars you can have your own personal “Moment of Mystery” and where better than the historic Vieux Carre’ that is shrouded in the same.

In a cigarette box tray hanging around the Mystery Mongers’ neck are assorted, multicolored plastic Mystery (aka Easter) Eggs.  Once you have handed over the price of your “mystery” you get to pick an egg, any egg. I was told each egg holds something different.  Since I only sprung for one, I can only pass on what I was told.

Next time you are hanging out in NOLA and spy this mysterious creature, add a little mystery to your evening and purchase your very own Moment of Mystery from the Mystery Monger.  For you nosey people like me, who are hanging on the edge of your seat dying to know what was in my egg, I will share:

Dryer Lint.  Oh, excuse me, two dollars worth of Dryer Lint.

You gotta love this place!  Only in New Orleans!

By Sharon Denise Talbot