Anything You Want……

Always and I would dare say forever.  There is literally some event or happening going on at any given time in the greater metropolitan area of New Orleans.  From one end of the entertainment spectrum to the other and beyond this place is off the chart.

For some you will have to put out a little cash, but a large majority of NOLA experiences are absolutely free.  I challenge anyone to claim to be bored in the Big Easy.  There is just no way!  With so many venues in which to enjoy concerts, showings, conventions, parades, etc. it boggles the mind.

The Crescent City is a triple P on any scale. (Perpetual Party Place)  If you are not a decision maker and can’t quiet decide exactly what you want do, not to worry, you can do nothing in New Orleans and you will still have a blast!
No RSVP required for the entertainment extravaganza that is New Orleans. If you are one those people who require an “official” invitation, consider this it.  Come on y’all!  Don’t be tardy for the party!!
……. Baby, You Got It.