My Mom is one special lady. She has tirelessly tried to teach me by word and deed how to be a nice person.  So for the better part of my life with her words of “Denise, if you can’t say anything nice, just don’t say anything!” ringing in my head, I have had to bite my tongue. A lot! This has been particularly hard for me considering my secret job – you know the undercover one with the Fashion Police (FPD).  Sometimes there is plenty to say, but more often than not, nothing nice!

Good news y’all! While on patrol in NOLA town I observed a marked increase in a particular fashion trend.  From head to toe, black and gold is the theme to the extreme!  
With our beloved New Orleans Saints finally on their way to the Super Bowl these “Who Dats!” are “Saintcessorized” to the teeth (no really, to the teeth). After being temporarily blinded by a particularly unbelievable “grill” I was able to really take note of some of the coolest, compliments to any Saintsational Fan ensemble ever put together.  Who Dat!  is not just a battle cry these days, it is all the rage! (Speaking of rage – NFL, can you spell M- A- D, but that’s a whole nother story!  Who Dat!) This “fashion statement” is on everything from hats and t-shirts to permanent tattoos.
I just had to pull one girl over (no, not to issue a citation) to interrogate her about the vintage bottle cap necklaces she had on her person.  It turns out that Dana of Chromatic Creations has got her hands on the last 400 old Jax brewery bottle caps!  She has created extraordinary necklaces with a black and gold fleur de lis on a white background inside of the vintage cap and hung them on an adjustable black cord.  Very chic and affordable, so I would suggest you get them while you can.  
With my FPD shift coming to an end, it does my little Saint lovin’ heart good to see how well everyone is color coordinated in the Crescent City.  Purses, flags and even the normally water-colored stained glass fleur de lis sun catchers have gone black and gold in LaBreesiana. Bless you Boys! Thanks for an easy day on the job.  Geaux Saints!!!

By Sharon Denise Talbot

Visit for your vintage Jax Brewery/Saints bottle cap necklace.