The Wild Night Is Calling……….  me and trish

World famous Bourbon Street really needs no introduction or explanation from me.  Even people who know very little about New Orleans have heard of Bourbon Street.  A gauntlet of shops, bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants (did I mention bars?) will test your mettle or at the very least your alcohol tolerance level.   439916-Bourbon_Street-New_Orleans

Always open, always an experience!  I mean where else do you see guys in the street holding signs advertising  “Huge Ass Beer”  or a Hand grenade dancing on a corner?  If you are a people watcher this is your Nirvana.  Plenty of people and plenty to see, if you know what I mean!  I hate to be the one to break it to you, but your Mom was fibbing when she said you would go blind!

Feel like letting your hair down?  Maybe blowing off some steam?   Did I hear a “Yea, you right!” ?  Then what’s your pleasure?  How does karaoke sound?    Maybe a ride on the back of a mechanical bull?   Want to strut your stuff on the dance floor?   No problem.  Whether you want  to release your inner extrovert or just watch someone else do it,  Bourbon Street is where it is happening!

………Come On Out And Dance.