What restaurants do you recommend in the French Quarter?

What reasonably price restaurants are good in the French Quarter? Some more affordable spots are: Port O Call Napoleon House Fiorella’s Louisiana Pizza Kitchen Johnny’s Po-Boys Gumbo Shop Petunia’s Cafe Beignet Coop’s Place Angeli If you want to try one upscale place I would try to make it to Bayona (of course you could always […]

New Orleans – My Journey Contest Video for Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet author Tom Downs loves New Orleans’ soulful, saucy and eccentric nature. Located as far South as geogrpahically possible in the USA, it’s only mildly American in flavour, more a gumbo of French, Carribbean and African American. Tourists might flock to Bourbon Street’s non-stop carnival but the whole city really knows how to have […]