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Wet, Wild and Wonderful

Spring is festival season in Louisiana and at the New Orleans Audubon Zoo. Soul Fest was last weekend, a colorful celebration of African-American culture. Creole cuisine and soul food mixed with R&B and hip hop kicked off a round of happenings at NOLA’s own “animal house”. I have been to my share of Zoos and believe me when I say Audubon Zoo out shines them all. The Audubon Nature Institute is one class act.

Following directly on the heels of Soul Fest is Earth Fest, Asian Pacific American Society and then popular fund raisers for the Audubon Society, the Whitney Zoo To Do and Zoo To Do for Kids sponsored by Humana. These fundraisers will help underwrite a new attraction at our favorite Zoo called Cool Zoo, an animal themed splash park. Wet, Wild and Wonderful!

Cool Zoo is a new wet and wild splash park right at the Zoo. Highlights include jumping water spouts, a huge alligator (we are in Louisiana after all) water slide, a spider monkey soaker and water spitting snakes just to name a few! The splash park will offer three different splash zones with one specifically for toddlers and younger zoo goers.

In addition to all the custom animal features in the new Cool Zoo, there will be animal sounds in the “Sound Spray” area. When the water sprays you hear matching animal sounds like croaks, bleats, roars or squawks. The Caterpillar sprayer is designed to look like a monarch butterfly and the giant alligator’s tail is the waterslide! This new hot spot will be located between the Endangered Species Carousel and the Embraceable Zoo. Construction should begin soon. So get ready for some Cool Zoo fun.

Another exciting new attraction set to open this summer is Parakeet Pointe. Located at the Aquarium of the Americas, this will be an 800 square foot tropical environment and home to more than 1,000 free flying parakeets! For an even closer encounter, purchase a feed stick for a dollar and feed the bright beautiful little birds. These guys are all naturally curious and playful. The kids and you kid-like adults will love it!

By Sharon Denise Talbot

The Secret of VertiMarte

VertiMarte is a staple on my “must try” list when sharing Quarter tips with visitors.  What makes it so awesome is after all this time it is still as good every time as it was that first time!


The legend of “All that Jazz”, Paranormal po’boy claims another victim.

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There are plenty of tall tales and legends associated with the New Orleans French Quarter.  Most are rooted in enough truth to make them believable. With others there is just no way to really know.  Either way it leaves you a little spooked. For at least ten years I have been told the story of the “Jazz” sandwich. Spawned in the back of a little Quarter grocery store called the VertiMarte, this mythical Manna of the Gods is said to put you under its spell with one bite.

Oh, my gosh! What is a “Jazz”? you ask while goose bumps chase up your arms. This paranormal po’boy is one of several specialty sandwiches conjured up by the back-of-the-store sandwich magicians. This one is actually called “All that Jazz”.  It is a medley of grilled ham, turkey & shrimp, Swiss & American cheese accompanied by grilled mushrooms, tomatoes, on grilled French bread with the VerdiMarte’s own original “Wow Sauce”.

Finding myself on the corner of Royal Street and Governor Nicholls last evening, I decided to do my own version of a myth buster experiment and brave this 100 plus year old establishment.  With my trusty sidekick by my side (one of the perpetuators of this tale) we armed ourselves with two Barq’s Root beers, a bag of Zapp’s Cajun Crawtators and ordered one “All that Jazz” to split.   The tag team strategy was highly recommended for a light weight like myself.

I am here to bear witness, the “Jazz” lives up to the legend and then some.   The spell is definitely working because I’m thinking a “Jazz” for breakfast sounds amazing.   Despite the sign over the deli counter saying “Sssh- The Quarter’s Best Kept Secret”, stick a needle in my eye, this is one secret I have to tell.

By S.D. Talbot

VertiMarte        1201 Royal Street, French Quarter, New Orleans
Open 24 hrs, 7 days a week
phone 525-4767  |  fax 566-0948



Verti Marte Menu

Urban Spoon Review


New Orleans

Hey y’all!  Make plans to be at the beautiful Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans’ historic French Quarter.  Is there a better setting for a paranormal romance? Meet the author, Sara Humphreys and enjoy an evening in the Quarter.  See you in NOLA!

Sharon Denise Talbot



WHO: Hotel Monteleone andauthor Sara Humphreys

WHAT: Untouched Book Signing Party

WHEN: Thursday, April 19, 2012 5:00 p.m. –7:00 p.m.

WHERE: Hotel Monteleone 214 RoyalStreet New Orleans, LA 70130

HOW: This event is free and open tothe public. Books will be available for sale at the event.

WHY: The historic Hotel Monteleone welcomes you to join acclaimed author Sara Humphreys as she debuts her latest novel, Untouched.

The book follows lead characters Dante Coltari and Kerry Smithson on an epic, paranormal romance. The Hotel Monteleone serves asthe backdrop for several scenes in the book. Humphreys will do a reading andsign books at the event.

The Hotel Montelone is a designated literary landmark, serving as a muse for authors throughout its history. William Faulkner, Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, Eudora Welty,Winston Groom, Ben Lucien Burmah and Richard Ford are among the literary legends that have a connection to the Monteleone. The Hotel Monteleone and the famous Carousel Bar and Lounge have become popular settings in countless novels and short stories.

For additional information aboutthis event or the Hotel Monteleone, please visit For additional information about Sara Humphreys and Untouched, please visit

Since 1886, the Hotel Monteleone,, has proudly stood as one of the first landmarks in thefamous French Quarter. The hotel is the Quarter’s largest full-service hotel,featuring 600 comfortable, luxurious guestrooms and suites. Hotel Monteleone is within walking-distance of some of New Orleans most famous attractions and is conveniently located 11 miles from the Louis Armstrong International Airport.

Hotel Monteleone is a member of the Preferred Hotels® & Resorts, aconsecutive AAA Four Diamond award-winner, and has won the J.D. Power andAssociates Upscale Hotel Award for “An Outstanding Guest Experience.”

The New Orleans Hotel Monteleone celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2011.


New Orleans

Tour New Orleans On A Segway

Here is a different way to tour the Big Easy! How fun will this be?!


New Orleans

I see more and more Segway tours in and around the French Quarter. What a great idea for those who would rather not walk or prefer something a little more untraditional. Hey, what can I say? There are so many ways to experience New Orleans and this is just another one.  See you in NOLA!

Tour New Orleans On A SegwaySegway New Orleans Tours if you are looking for a unique way to get around New Orleans.

Duration : 1 min 34 sec



New Orleans Segway Tours

City Tours in NOLA

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A silent musical comedy from New Orleans. . . if you can imagine that.

Duration : 7 min 35 sec

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how is French Quarter now different from the 1940s?

i need to get a brief history on the name "French Quarter" and the importance of bourbon street.
i tried some websites but the history is a mess.
links provided is good enough thanks.

The French Quarter, also known as Vieux Carré, is the oldest and most famous neighborhood in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. When La Nouvelle Orléans ("New Orleans" in French) was founded in 1718 by Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville, the city was originally centered on the French Quarter, or the Vieux Carré ("Old Square" in French) as it was known then. While the area is still referred to as the Vieux Carré by some, it is more commonly known as the French Quarter today, or simply "The Quarter." The district as a whole is a National Historic Landmark, and contains numerous individual historic buildings. It was affected relatively lightly by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, as compared to other areas of the city and the region as a whole. The Quarter is subdistrict of the French Quarter/CBD Area.

Sticky: Bury Katrina with Hotel Monteleone

 Hey Y’all!  Come be a part of the festivities.  Bury Katrina with a Jazz Funeral and celebrate NOLA.    See release below. 

Sharon Denise Talbot

Hotel Monteleone Invites You to Bury Katrina on the 5th Anniversary The Hotel Celebrates the City’s Progress with a Jazz Funeral

WHO: The Hotel Monteleone and the New Orleans Community

WHAT: In commemoration of the 5th year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and to help in laying Katrina to rest once and for all, the Hotel Monteleone invites you to a weekend of marking the city’s forward progress since the storm.

Highlights include the following events:

WHEN: Thursday, August 26 (Carousel Bar) Come visit with “Katrina Heroes” – 5 – 7 pm Special Katrina Cocktails Available

Friday, August 27 (Carousel Bar) Come visit with “Katrina Heroes” – 5 – 7 pm Jazz tribute featuring Al “Carnival Time” Johnson – 7 pm Special Katrina Cocktails Available

Saturday, August 28th (Carousel Bar) Live Jazz tribute featuring Al “Carnival Time” Johnson – 7 pm Live Jazz tribute featuring Leah Chase accompanied by John Autin – 9:30pm Special Katrina Cocktails Available

Sunday, August 29th Brunch in Le Café – 6:30 – 11:00;

11:30 am – 2:00 pm Jazz Funeral Procession from Hotel Monteleone to Jackson Square – 1:00pm From the front doors of the Hotel Monteleone, we will march down to Jackson Square in a Jazz Funeral procession complete with the Jaywalkers Second Line Jazz Band, mourners and casket as jazz funerals truly embody the spirit of New Orleans. It is certainly appropriate to mourn the loss of those we love, but we believe it is equally as appropriate to honor them by celebrating their lives.

Interfaith Memorial Service at St. Louis Cathedral – 1:30pm

WHERE: The Hotel Monteleone 214 Royal Street New Orleans, LA 70130 St. Louis Cathedral Jackson Square Convenient parking located at the Hotel Monteleone Garage, entrance on Bienville or at Solari’s between Bourbon and Royal on Iberville. WHY: We offer a recreation of the jazz funeral for those who wish to bury the distressing memories of Katrina as our city moves forward. This jazz funeral can be theoretical or you can toss some real Katrina era items in the coffin to bury for good. We suggest a scrap of blue tarp, a Clorox bottle, a fly swatter, an MRE or a list of excuses. Surely we can all think of a few more things.

Since 1886, the Hotel Monteleone,, has proudly stood as one of the first landmarks in the famous French Quarter. The hotel is the Quarter’s largest full-service hotel, featuring 600 comfortable, luxurious guestrooms and suites. Hotel Monteleone is within walking-distance of some of New Orleans most famous attractions and is conveniently located eleven miles from the Louis Armstrong International Airport. Hotel Monteleone is a member of the Preferred Hotels® & Resorts, a consecutive AAA Four Diamond award-winner, and has won the J.D. Power and Associates Upscale Hotel Award for “An Outstanding Guest Experience”.

I Love You Bigger Than The Sky By Sharon Denise Talbot Is Available

Bright Lights In The Big Easy UPDATE

My eighteen hour experience on the set of the upcoming movie Earthbound was just so full of information I couldn’t possibly include it all in the first post on the website.  First of all, I wanted to make sure I only said nice things (mostly) like my Mom would expect.  You know, the whole “Denise, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything” lecture.  Bless her heart.  She still hasn’t given up on me, even after all these years.  Second of all, I didn’t want to brag, but OMG!!  I have just been blown away and I have to share this.
As extras we were expected to bring two to three outfits accessorized with shoes, purses, jewelry, wraps, etc.  to fit the scene.  Extras were to arrive in their first option and wardrobe would adjust or ask them to change if necessary.  While they wanted color to give a warm, cheerful feel to the scene we were told no black, no white, no crème, no red, and no neon colors.
Well, they might as well have told me to throw out most of my closet contents.  Black, white and red are my best friends.  I did have a couple of “color correct” outfits that I thought would be appropriate for the kind of Gala scene they had in mind.  After conferring with my Mom, sisters and daughters for their opinions on my choices, a decision was made on outfit number one.
Once at the set, I was pretty comfortable with my choice until I noticed this older lady wading through the extras critiquing in a drill sergeant kind of way everything from outfits to posture.  I was mentally gving myself the “let her say what she wants to say and just keep your mouth shut” talk.  I was dreading the moment when she would turn to look at me and then she did.  Her face lit up with a smile, she gestured to me and said “Love the dress, perfect.  Very classy.  You don’t need wardrobe.  Go straight to hair and make-up.”  Whew!
Now if you think that made my morning to this point imagine how I felt later when she actually pulled me from the crowd by the hand and brought me over to the side and said “You are going to be in my “D” group”.

The Delta or “D” group as we were called were a core group of about 15 to 20 people.  We were the first ones down on the set and included in the majority of takes that day.  By now you are probably saying “big deal”.  Nope, the big deal is the identity of my drill sergeant lady.

When you get a chance “google” Ann Roth.  I am ashamed of my ignorance because I had no idea of who she was.  A “D” group friend e-mailed me earlier today to fill me in. She is a prolific Academy Award-winning American costume designer for films and Broadway theatre.    Recent movies that she has worked on include Julia & Julia, Mamma Mia and The Young Victoria, but there is a whole laundry list of movies that span her long career.  She is an amazing woman who has outfitted the likes of Meryl Streep, Jane Fonda, Glenn Close and Melanie Griffith AND she liked the way I, Sharon Denise Talbot, dressed!!!  Isn’t that just the coolest thing?  This is more exciting to me than being in the movie!

So the moral of this story is –  Listen to your Mom (or at least my Mom).  Smile and look pretty and if you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say anything!!

By Sharon Denise Talbot

New Years Eve At New Orleans Carousel Bar

New Orleans

A new twist on an old favorite, the Hotel Monteleone presents the Carousel Bar in 2012 style.  Stop in tonight while you are waiting for the countdown in Jackson Square.  Happy New Year y’all!  See you in NOLA!


Sharon Denise Talbot


New Year’s Eve Kicks Off Regular Musical Line-up in Newly Reopened Carousel Bar and Lounge

Tuesday through Saturday night entertainment starts January 2012 at Hotel Monteleone


New Orleans, LA – With the New Year comes a brand new line-up of fresh musical entertainment in the famous, newly reopened Carousel Bar and Lounge in the Hotel Monteleone. The nightly entertainment kicks off on New Year’s Eve at 9 p.m. with Luther Kent, a New Orleans jazz favorite, and includes well-known artists and newcomers on the scene every Tuesday through Saturday night in January and beyond.


All the musical entertainment is free and open to the public. The 2012 line-up features a rotation of well-known New Orleans artists, Hotel favorites and special guests including Robin Barnes & Band, the Luther Kent Quartet, Lena Prima & Band, Eudora Evans & Band and the George French Jazz Quartet. Of special note, it honors the Hotel’s past as Lena Prima’s father, Louis Prima, played regularly at the Hotel back in the mid-1960s.


The Carousel Bar’s new lounge area reopened on December 30 after undergoing a renovation, which included adding expansive windows along Royal Street, enhanced décor and a secondary stationery bar. The current furnishings in the bar and lounge are temporary and will be replaced with new furniture to complete the renovation.


“Because the Carousel Bar is such an iconic part of the Hotel Monteleone, we were very careful during the renovation process to enrich without detracting from the atmosphere that patrons love,” said Andrea Thornton, director of sales and marketing for the Hotel Monteleone.  “In addition to physical enhancements, we also focused on the Carousel Bar’s musical entertainment by welcoming industry veteran Marie Long to our team.”


Recently appointed director of entertainment for the Hotel Monteleone, Marie Long will be in charge of booking regular entertainment for the famous Carousel Bar and Lounge. With more than 36 years of experience in the music industry, Long has worked with national and local talents, including The DUKES of Dixieland, Chicago, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin and Tony Bennett, among others. Before forming Extravaganzas, Inc., her own music production company in 1992, Long worked with Pete Fountain Productions and Ray Bloch Productions.


“I’m ecstatic to be working with the Hotel to introduce a variety of entertainment into the newly renovated Carousel Lounge,” said Long. “We are featuring classic jazz artists and legendary R&B singers to brand new on-the-scene talent. We plan on celebrating music legends and creating new ones right here on the corner of Royal and Iberville Streets in the Carousel Bar and Lounge.”


For more information and a complete schedule of upcoming Carousel Bar entertainment, please visit  For more information about Hotel Monteleone or to make reservations to stay at the hotel, please visit or call (504) 523-3341. Become a fan on Facebook and help the Hotel reach its 125th Anniversary goal of 12,500 fans! Follow the Hotel Monteleone on Twitter @hotelmonteleone and @carouselbar.


Since 1886, the Hotel Monteleone,, has proudly stood as one of the first landmarks in the famous French Quarter. The hotel is the Quarter’s largest full-service hotel, featuring 600 comfortable, luxurious guestrooms and suites. Hotel Monteleone is within walking-distance of some of New Orleans most famous attractions and is conveniently located 11 miles from the Louis Armstrong International Airport. Hotel Monteleone is a member of the Preferred Hotels® & Resorts, a consecutive AAA Four Diamond award-winner, and has won the J.D. Power and Associates Upscale Hotel Award for “An Outstanding Guest Experience.”

The New Orleans Hotel Monteleone is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2011.


New Orleans

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