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NOLA SuperBowl Trip – Sunday Morning in the French Quarter (Jackson Square #1)

NOLA SuperBowl Trip – Sunday Morning in the French Quarter (Jackson Square #1)

This is some random street videos from the New Orleans French Quarter from a trip I took home to Louisiana to be able to watch the New Orleans Saints SuperBowl. Most of this includes videos of the dog parade in Jackson Square.

Duration : 0:8:8

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Sting – Moon over bourbon street – Mawazine 2010

Sting – Moon over bourbon street – Mawazine 2010

Duration : 0:5:45

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What was the original way New Orleans was pronounced?

I understand the locals normally say N’orlins – Stress on the Nor.
I was just curious if there was an original French way in which Orleans may have been pronounced. Currently I say New Orlins – stress on the Or, but when I was young I would say New Orleens – stress on the leens.

Only Hollywood and tourists call the city N”Awlins.

The original name of the city was in French: Nouvelle Orleans. It is pronounced new vell ore lay on.

There are two "normal” pronunciations today:

New Or le ans (Orleans is 3 syllables)
New Or leans (Orleans is 2 syllables)

The issue is somewhat confused by the fact the City of New Orleans is also (same boundaries) Orleans Parish (parish = county). Everyone says Or leans Parish (Orleans with 2 syllables).

jazz street music New Orleans French Quarter

Came upon a jazz band playing in the middle of the street in the French Quarter of New Orleans on 4/1/10

Duration : 0:0:49

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Tomorrowland 1967 (part 2)

In 1967 the area was completely rebuilt with new rides and scenery. The original layout was demolished, and a new set of buildings was erected. The addition of the Carousel theater (Carousel of Progress), Flight to the Moon building, the Adventure Thru Inner Space building, a new Circle-Vision building, and the PeopleMover/Rocket Jets platform, gave Tomorrowland the “World on the Move” theme.

Duration : 0:6:10

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Bourbon Street Parade – Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen – 1954

Wonderful line up for the Jazz Festival in London 1954. Ken Colyer, Jim Bray, Lonnie Donegan, Bruce Turner, Monty Sunshine.

Duration : 0:4:41

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Bourbon St. Fat Tuesday 2010 .MOV

Fat Tuesday Bourbon Street New Orleans LA 2010

Duration : 0:1:52

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Barack Obama in New Orleans, LA

Barack addressed a crowd of 3,500 supporters at Tulane University on February 7, 2008.

Duration : 0:7:46

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What’s Bourbon Street like in November?

My friends and I will be going to the Alabama/LSU game and thought we’d spend a night or two in New Orleans. I’ve been there before for Mardis Gras and I know how crazy that can be. I wanted to know what Bourbon Street is like in the off season. Should we bring beads (and yes, we know that’s touristy, but we don’t mind 😉 Is it worth it to get a hotel with a balcony overlooking Bourbon?

It won’t be as crazy as Mardi Gras (nothing is) but there should be lots of people in town for the game. The weather in November is also usually nice.

There are only two (2) hotels with balcony rooms overlooking Bourbn Street:

Royal Sonesta
Ramada Inn on Bourbon

Balcony rooms can be fun. They also tend to be noisy (from the crowd on the street all night). If sleep is important don’t get a balcony room. You don’t need beeds and it’s actually against the law to throw them from the balcony to the crowd. Yes, people do it and the police don’t interfere unless it becomes a problem. If hotel security/management or the police tell you to stop then stop.

Dancing in the Street

This is a sketch from Food Dood, the 3rd episode of Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh?

Watch the show here:

Visit the Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? web site:

Duration : 1 min 31 sec

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