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Chris Fontana : Life In New Orleans : Infamous Popeye’s Joke

Louisiana Comedian: Chris Fontana : Life In New Orleans : Infamous Popeye’s Joke

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Southwest Airlines Donates $20,000 to New Orleans Relief Funds; Airline Committed to Help Rebuild Tourism in New Orleans

Southwest Airlines Donates $ 20,000 to New Orleans Relief Funds; Airline Committed to Help Rebuild Tourism in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, LA (PRWEB) January 27, 2006

Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) today at a press conference in New Orleans made a cash donation of $ 20,000 to two New Orleans relief funds. The airline donated $ 10,000 to the New Orleans Hospitality Workers Disaster Relief Fund and $ 10,000 to the Friends of the Times-Picayune Relief Fund.

“Southwest Airlines has been serving New Orleans for 27 years,” said Gary Kelly, Chief Executive Officer of Southwest Airlines. “We are part of this community, and we will continue to be a partner in the rebuilding of New Orleans tourism.”

The New Orleans Hospitality Workers Disaster Relief Fund was founded by the Brennan family of the Commander’s Palace Family of Restaurants and benefits professionals in the hospitality industry who are without jobs following Hurricane Katrina.

“This very generous donation will go a long way toward helping individuals and families in the hospitality industry here in New Orleans,” said Ti Martin, Chief Executive Officer of Commander’s Palace family of Restaurants. “We can’t wait to give the money to those who need it.”

The Friends of the Times-Picayune Relief Fund provides direct support for the employees of the New Orleans Times-Picayune who never missed a day of publishing after Hurricane Katrina. Southwest Airlines made the donation in honor of the newspaper’s service and in an effort to support the paper’s unwavering commitment to covering the challenges the city faces as it continues to rebuild.

Since Hurricane Katrina, Southwest Airlines has partnered with numerous organizations to provide travel, raise funds, and bring awareness to the needs of the New Orleans community. The airline has supported Friends of the Frontline, benefiting the police and firefighters of surrounding parishes; partnered with the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation to transport nearly 100 musical instruments to the city of New Orleans to replace local school children’s instruments lost in Hurricane Katrina; provided complimentary roundtrip airfare for holiday travel to students displaced by Hurricane Katrina who enrolled at Maryland’s Morgan State University due to school closures in the Gulf Region following the hurricane; partnered with Hibernia Bank to rebuild the Birthplace of Jazz through “ReJazz New Orleans” — a non-profit web-based campaign launched in mid-September to help restore the Big Easy; donated to the Louisiana Technology Council benefiting small technology companies; and sponsored the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund, benefiting area musicians.

In the weeks immediately following Katrina, Southwest Airlines dedicated an aircraft to the relief efforts, evacuating hundreds of New Orleans citizens from the city and flying in relief workers from FEMA, the Red Cross, and other assistance organizations. Southwest worked with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in an organized effort to transport security workers into and out of New Orleans to keep the airport operational. To date, Southwest Airlines has donated 1,200 roundtrip tickets for the New Orleans police and fire first-responders, 1,400 one-way tickets for evacuee transportation, and 63 roundtrip and 19 one-way tickets for relief worker transportation, totaling more than $ 2 million in donated travel. As of Sept. 30, Southwest Airlines Employees had donated $ 39,960 to the Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund, and the airline matched the donation dollar-for-dollar.

Southwest Airlines also established a “flight bank” in which Southwest Airlines Customers could donate their Rapid Rewards frequent flyer program electronic Awards to those displaced by Hurricane Katrina and in need of transportation to reunite with family or relocate. The donated Awards also were used to assist those involved in the relief efforts.

Southwest Airlines assisted its Employees through medical benefits, temporary salary continuation, and housing allowances. Additionally, Southwest Airlines has provided more than 200 Employees with emergency financial aid through Employee donations to the Southwest Airlines Employee Catastrophic Assistance Charity.

The heart of Southwest Airlines and its 31,000-plus Employees remains with the citizens of New Orleans. Southwest Airlines currently offers 13 daily nonstop flights to five cities, including Dallas, Houston, Nashville, Orlando, and Tampa Bay, with additional direct and connecting flights to 28 cities.

Beginning March 17, Southwest Airlines will add five additional flights, bringing the total number of daily nonstop departures from New Orleans to 18. Over eight days surrounding Mardi Gras 2006, Southwest Airlines also will add 36 (18 roundtrip) flights into and out of New Orleans, representing nearly 5,000 additional seats for tourists to visit the Big Easy and take part in the traditional Mardi Gras celebrations.


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Bourbon Street Parade – Sussex Stompers Jazz Band

The Sussex Stompers in the beer tent at Bentley Woodfair, 14th September 2008. On trumpet and vocals, Richard Boswell; clarinet, Richard Diamond; Trombone, John Watson; Banjo, Dave Clarke; Sousaphone, Peter Drage; Drums, Steve Clarke.

Duration : 0:5:4

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Dancing in the Street

This is a sketch from Food Dood, the 3rd episode of Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh?

Watch the show here:

Visit the Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? web site:

Duration : 1 min 31 sec

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Leroy Jones

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Born in New Orleans on February 20th, 1958, Leroy began studying the trumpet at age 10, in school band. By the time he was 13 years old, he was already playing gigs and leading Danny Barker’s young Fairview Baptist Church Brass Band. The Fairview Band performed at church events, Social & Pleasure Club events, Funerals, and Second Line Parades all over the city of New Orleans. The band has performed at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the Smithsonian Institute Festival of Culture & Folklore. The Fairview band later evolved into the Hurricane Brass Band, which became the seed of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band.
Leroy was a significant figure amongst the new breed of aspiring young musicians participating in Barker’s renaissance of New Orleans brass bands.
After a very brief stint in the Jazz Studies Program at Loyola University’s Conservatory of Music, joined the musicians union and went on to pursue his career as a professional musician. He has played with nearly all the famous jazz bands in town, and has performed at festivals and clubs throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Japan and Australia.
The past decade has been a member of the Harry Connick, Jr. Orchestra, performed on numerous recordings with various artists, leads one of the Preservation Hall Jazz Bands and has two critically acclaimed solo releases, “Mo’ Cream From The Crop” and “Props for Pops” on the Sony/Columbia label. continues to travel and record the world over.

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The Princess and the Frog-Down in New Orleans mv

A self-made music video celebrating the return of hand-drawn animation! Featuring Down in New Orleans(Prologue) and Down in New Orleans(Finale)…

Duration : 0:2:5

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Tomorrowland 1967 (part 2)

In 1967 the area was completely rebuilt with new rides and scenery. The original layout was demolished, and a new set of buildings was erected. The addition of the Carousel theater (Carousel of Progress), Flight to the Moon building, the Adventure Thru Inner Space building, a new Circle-Vision building, and the PeopleMover/Rocket Jets platform, gave Tomorrowland the “World on the Move” theme.

Duration : 0:6:10

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Celebration In the Streets. Saints are going to the Super Bowl!

The celebration in the streets of downtown New Orleans and the French Quarter after the Saints win the NFC conference championship and head to the super bowl!

Duration : 0:3:48

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New Orleans Ladies

Music Video Ladies

New Orleans, Louisiana Leroux. yes it does include 2 clips from Finding Nemo that I’ve never been in Mississippi by the time it was necessary to be done. In addition, the miniature pinscher that appears in the video at the point of the song “sassy style that make you mad” is named Sassy … so I thought it would be ideal for the part
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Prospect.1 New Orleans Biennial 2008

Prospect.1 is New Orlean’s first biennial and the largest-ever international contemporary art show in the United States. Similar in style and scope to Venice, the exhibit consists of site-specific art installations, as well as several galleries in museums and elsewhere in the city devoted to it. As the front page of the event’s website proclaims, it’s designed to bring media attention and tourist dollars to New Orleans, so book your tickets now to get down there before it closes 18 January 2009. Why so bold-faced? Think of it as a giant humanitarian effort to get people to visit a fascinating location—it’s win-win for New Orleans and for visitors, especially the types who aren’t interested in Bourbon street and otherwise would have little reason to explore the beautifully ramshackle neighborhoods in various states of decay and rebuilding. As Peter Schjeldahl writes in the New Yorker, referring to the successful candor of the organizer’s intentions, “featuring few big names and nary a masterpiece, it is my favorite biennial since the nineteen-eighties.”
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