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NOLA New Year Gathering: Part 1

What a blast. I’m glad everyone that came was just as screwed up as us. Here’s footage from the first couple of days PRIOR to New Year’s Eve.

Please check our internet turned “In Real Life” friends in this video out:

Duration : 0:8:18

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New Orleans Continues to Rebuild

Five years after Hurricane Katrina the city of New Orleans is hoping to avoid another disaster with new levees. Mark Strassmann reports.

Duration : 0:2:17

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The Journey is the Destination II: Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street as it was in October 2000.

Duration : 0:3:19

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New Orleans attractions, the French Quarter and beyond – Guest New Orleans, Louisiana, also known as the “Big Easy” or the Crescent City is a destination of travel with one of the unique attractions, hotels and events. Bourbon-soaked neon streets during Mardi Gras to the festival grounds at the Jazz Fest, this city knows how to throw a party. And what a great party without food? New Orleans knows how to blow up a notch with Cajun and Creole fare that is world renowned.

Bourbon Street LIVE New Orleans Wins Super Bowl

http://www.FunToWatch.TV Bourbon Street LIVE New Orleans Goes Wild. Super Bowl NFL Football Final 2010 : Saints 31, Colts 17

Duration : 0:3:45

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What should I do? Last night I got really fucked up on Bourbon Street and went to the VIP rooms.?

I think I need I need a morning after pill. PS. I’m a dude.

The pill you need is penicillin. It will correct you issues. By now, your wang wang is green and about to fall off I am sure.

Delta Spirit Live at Lou’s “French Quarter”

Delta Spirit perform in the Parking Lot of Lou’s Records 9-16-06

Duration : 0:3:54

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Cynthia Sayer Live in Chautauqua: You Are My Sunshine

Cynthia Sayer’s Sparks Fly Quintet (Cynthia on plectrum banjo and vocals, Sara Caswell on violin, John Allred on trombone, Mike Weatherly on bass and vocals and Larry Eagle on drums) play “You Are My Sunshine” (New Orleans style) at the Chautauqua Institution in western NY, 24 August 2010.

Duration : 0:4:32

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Forever New Orleans

Come explore the great city of New Orleans.

Duration : 0:4:29

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Desbundixie – Bourbon Street Parade

Desbundixie in Aljustrel Jazz Festival

Duration : 0:3:58

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