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French Quarter Festival 2008

A wander around the Vieux Carre… includes popular footage of ‘old lady in pink doing her thing’ – great fun

Duration : 0:7:8

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New Orleans tourism?

Is New Orleans safe for tourism? Are most of the tourist attractions open for business again? What part of town would be the safest to stay at?
Are there any hotels in the French Quarter that have easy and free parking?

Yes New Orleans is definately back up and running and all the tourist areas are in full swing. In fact New Orleans was named a top 10 destination for 2007 by Orbitz and Travel and Leisure Magazine. The most celebrated and historic core of the city—including the Faubourg Marigny, French Quarter, Central Business District, Magazine Street, Garden District and St. Charles Avenue are thriving. Mardi Gras was a complete success and French Quarter Festival had a record crowd of 208,000 on the last day. Jazz Festival was also bigger and better than ever with 375,000 people—the highest since 2003. With all these record breaking crowds this year there is no question that New Orleans is back up and running.

With that said most tourist enjoy staying in the French Quarter. Its safe and surrounded by restaurants, activites etc. My favorite place to stay is Maison DuBois Bed and Breakfast. Its a great French Quarter location, large suites and a wonderful saltwater pool. Below is a link to their site and it has a lot of information about the B&B and the city.

The Spirit of New Orleans

Wynton Marsalis’ tribute to the New Orleans Saints first Super Bowl victory and the Crescent City…”The Spirit of New Orleans”

Duration : 0:4:12

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Where can I find a grant for planting trees in New Orleans?

Where can I find grants to plant trees in New Orleans?
I want to revitalize a playground in New Orleans. The area is very poor and coming back slowly that I am considering. Due the families having low budgets, I was thinking of planting apple, orange and pecan trees in the park over the benches. I know the trees would bare fruit and the kids would be able to have a healthy snack. Any ideas of who I could ask for finacing on the trees and materials need to plant them?
ANy ideas on playground funders would be great too.

Start with Parkway Partners, since they already work with NORA on maintaining parks and parkways. Also, try Hike For Katreena, as they have a similar goal to yours.

Good luck!

Bourbon Street Parade_Harry Connick Jr.

Bourbon Street Parade_Harry Connick Jr.

Duration : 0:6:5

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New Orleans, LA – One Square Mile

The second episode from season two of One Square Mile explores the inhabitants of the Garden District and the Irish Channel neighborhoods of New Orleans, Louisiana. This documentary looks at the people of New Orleans, and the contemporary life of a post-Katrina city.

You can learn more about the people featured in this documentary, and view additional interviews from this and other square miles in the series by going to the series website

Duration : 0:15:4

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What is a good website to get new orleans saints merchandisee in australia?

I am looking to purchase new orleans saints stuff for my room and to you know of any websites with new orleans saints merchandise

You can try the NFL site. I’m sure they will ship to Australia. The Saints are a good team to root for.

Twinprov in NOLA – VLOG #6: The Smell

In this episode: Buck & Clint discover a foul and mysterious odor. (They would later discover it’s the paper mills.)

Duration : 0:2:17

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Saints Win! Party on Bourbon Street!

Wild celebration on Bourbon Street in New Orleans following Saints victory over the Vikings in the NFC Championship game.

Duration : 0:0:43

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MOON OVER BOURBON STREET (Sting)-fingerstyle arrangement / tabs by soymartino

my arrangement of Sting’s mysterious song
…little more funny

Duration : 0:2:7

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