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I am going on vacation to New Orleans in May, what should I definitely see?

Any suggestions for food, attractions, hotspots, or just anything interesting and cultural!

The French Quarter.
The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway.

hey Katie. I missed you.

New Orleans Personal Trainer New Orleans Personal Trainer and Fitness boot camp

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Why do girls flash their boobs for cheap plastic beads on Bourbon Street?

Bourbon Street

Are these girls on Bourbon Street just really drunk or just tourists? or Both?

Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street

Well the answer to your question is both. The female tourists get drunk before the parade on Bourbon Street starts and then a float rider either persuades the girl to flash for some beads she wants or she just flashes for fun. Its usually only tourists on Bourbon Street though because people from here are used to getting beads and they probably have garbage bags full of beads at home, the other reason girls from here don’t flash is because they know they’ll get arrested if it is not Mardi Gras.

Bourbon Street

WSP NOLA 10-28-01 Sandbox

NOLA 10-28-01 Sandbox

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Sticky: Mr. Carriere and Knucklehead

New Orleans

When you come to the New Orleans French Quarter you can’t help but notice the colorful mule drawn carriages throughout the Quarter streets. A relaxing buggy ride is often just the thing for foot weary sight seers, history buffs or romantic couples who want to snuggle a little closer than walking will allow.

These rides also include a narrated tour of the historic French Quarter and the renowned “Cities of the Dead”. No matter how much I think I know about New Orleans there is always more I don’t know. I love visiting with a particular buggy driver and his sidekick, Knucklehead. A virtual walking history book this guy knows his stuff. With thirty-five years of being a NOLA tour guide under his belt Mr. Carriere is as much a Big Easy attraction as the landmarks people flock to the Crescent City to see.

Twelve bucks for a thirty minute ride with someone who knows the streets and the stories as well as Mr. Carriere and Knucklehead is a hell of a deal. If you have never done the buggy ride thing or even if you have, treat yourself to a half hour with a favorite French Quarter fixture. Let Mr. Carriere take you on a scenic ride and regale you with NOLA tales of the past and present. Look for the lavender colored buggy parked in front of Jackson Square, feed Knucklehead a carrot and take in the sights and sounds of the historic Vieux Carre’ with a master storyteller.

The cadence of Knucklehead’s hoofs and timbre of Mr. Carriere’s voice are perfect compliments to the cacophony of sounds that resonant through the French Quarter. With plenty of tours to choose from this one covers all the bases. Informative but interesting, entertaining and amusing this is definitely one for your New Orleans “To Do” list. Enjoy the ride!

By Sharon Denise Talbot

New Orleans

New Orleans Electrician

New Orleans Electrician brought to you by Trinity Electric, visit us on the web at

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Fun Stuff To Do In New Orleans Here Are The Top 5

Fun Stuff To Do In New Orleans Top 5

Fun Stuff To Do In New Orleans Here Are The Top 5

Fun Stuff To Do In New Orleans Here Are The Top 5

The Crescent City is known for with amazing music, tasty cooking along with a nightlife which will leave your head ringing and your heart wanting more. Thinking about a visit all the down to the Big Easy? Make absolutely sure you’ve got a few added notches in your belt, a shiny pair of dancing shoes and also a desire to have the time of your life. My top 5 list of Fun Stuff To Do In New Orleans provides you with a heads up relating to the best top reasons to book a trip and enjoy the unique culture and ambiance New Orleans has to offer. This Fun Stuff To Do In New Orleans list offers something for everyone.

Fun Stuff To Do In New Orleans The Top 5 List

Fun Stuff To Do In New Orleans #1. The French Quarter

As the saying goes, you can’t have diamonds without pressure. The French Quarter is definitely that, a cultural diamond resulting from the collision between the original French and Spanish settlers in the Big Easy. Contained amongst the Mississippi River, Rampart Street, Esplanade Avenue and Canal Street, the French Quarter packs in over 300 restaurants, countless bars, sensational music along with a nightlife 2nd to none in the states. While visiting be sure to experience Jackson Square. Following your stroll, throw back a few drinks at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar, the oldest continually occupied bar in the states, once owned by the famous pirate Jean Lafitte.

Fun Stuff To Do In New Orleans #2. Sleeping through the night in the French Quarter

Following a long evening of revelry, you’ll be well prepared to relax and enjoy one of the many hotels accessible in the French Quarter. If you are in the mind set to have an upscale location stewed within the ambiance and atmosphere special to the French Quarter, the Soniat House is a wonderful choice. A group of townhouses going back to the early 1800s, each room is painstakingly decorated in rare vintage antiques. The fountains and courtyard surrounding this excellent hotel will wipe away your stress and let you bathe inside the spirit of New Orleans. While the Soniat House is somewhat expensive the event is worth the trouble. If you are looking for a good deal, but still want to be in the thick of the French Quarter there is still hope. Many New Orleans Hotels offer mini-vacation packages at highly discounted rates ( Generally these deals are designed to show you the timeshare offerings of the resort and they can give you access to some pretty nice amenities for the days that you just want to relax.

Fun Stuff To Do In New Orleans #3. Julia Row
Called the “SoHo of the South,” this section of vintage townhouses on the 600 block of Julia Street is home to New Orleans best art galleries. The Contemporary Art Center ( is the main attraction showcasing the areas art revival. The giant building houses massive galleries that will put a smile on the face of any contemporary art lover. With a $5 admission, the Contemporary Art Center is a must-see attraction in the Big Easy.

Fun Stuff To Do In New Orleans #4. The Sound of Music

With regards to New Orleans, music stands out as the main attraction. A trip through the French Quarter can carry you away using the sounds of Zydeco, Jazz and Blues. The annual Jazz and Blues festival at the end of April supplies a musical experience unequal in the country. Displaying a number of the finest names in the Blues business this festival is really a sight to observe. For those who don’t mind standing, Preservation Hall within the French Quarter stands out as the ultimate venue to take in the original jazz famous in the Big Easy.

Fun Stuff To Do In New Orleans #5. Their Food

Eating in New Orleans is much like a precious treasure hidden in plain sight. From Creole to straight French food, your tastebuds will be overwhelmed from the amazing flavors and spices that draw enormous crowds every single day into the heart of this city. Antoine’s, serving French-Creole cuisine since the 1840’s, is near to the top of the list. For an even more casual night make sure you visit Bacco and allow yourself a treat to the region’s richest blend of fine cuisine and a romantic atmosphere.

Whatever your appetite could be, the Crescent City provides a wide variety of activities and culture splendor to open you to a rare travel experience. If you ever head back home after your journey, the unique Creole charm is sure to pull you back in the Big Easy for another adventure down the road. So if you are looking for Fun Stuff To Do In New Orleans this list will get you started.

Fun Stuff To Do In New Orleans

New Orleans – French Quarter Festival

New Orleans is known for it’s parties and festivals. The New Orleans French Quarter Festival is one of the least known but increasingly popular festivals in New Orleans. This article offers some information about The French Quarter Festival along with links to resources.


New Orleans is a place of magic and wonder, music, parties and fun. The French Quarter is at the heart of everything. If you are looking for an experience that is uniquely New Orleans then The New Orleans French Quarter Festival is for you.

Who Dat Do Dat - New Orleans - French Quarter Festival

Who Dat Do Dat – New Orleans – French Quarter Festival


The French Quarter Festival occurs every spring and is Louisiana’s largest annual free music festival. During the French Quarter Festival nearly 20 stages will be spread around the French Quarter and over the 4 day weekend play all types of music. You will hear everything from Jazz, both traditional and contemporary to Latin, rock to blues, Cajun to Zydeco and any other type of music you can think of. There will be both local and international stars.
Then there is the food. Local restaurants offer dishes that will satisfy every budget and taste. There are over 60 booths offering dishes like Cajun meat pies, po-boys, jambalaya and crawfish étouffée. You can sample drinks like Hurricanes, a drink that will blow you away and tropical punches. Prices vary but range from $3 to $10.

Here are some interesting facts regarding the New Orleans French Quarter Festival:

During the 2013 celebration the French Quarter Festival marked its 30th anniversary.

The first French Quarter Festival occurred in 1984 and was started as a way to attract residents back to the FQ.

The main sources for the funding of the French Quarter Festival are:


Sales of merchandise, food and beverages

Fees from vendors

The gala in April

When you take a look at attendance you find the following among the 574,000 attendees:

The Top 5 States in attendance -Louisiana, California, New York, Texas, Florida – visitors from 37 states have been reported.

The Top 5 Foreign Countries are – Canada, United Kingdom, Norway, France, Germany – visitors from 12 different countries have been observed.

The French Quarter Festival has a major economic impact on the local economy. An analysis conducted by the University of New Orleans found:

The French Quarter Festival 2012 had a total economic impact on the New Orleans area of more than $259.5 million. This included:

$126.6 million in direct spending

$132.9 million in secondary spending

$18.3 million in state and local tax revenue.

The French Quarter Festival hires over 1,400 local musicians during the weekend of the French Quarter Festival

So if you are looking for a taste of New Orleans on a local level. Check out the French Quarter Festival in April each year. For information contact: (800) 673-5725 within the U.S. or (504) 522-5730. Or visit:


Resource Links: New Orleans French Quarter Festival

New Orleans Online: Music Festivals – French Quarter Festival



New Orleans Attractions Audubon Insectarium

New Orleans Attractions Audubon Insectarium

New Orleans Attractions Audubon Insectarium

New Orleans Attractions Audubon Insectarium

New Orleans Attractions aren’t just for adults. There are New Orleans Attractions for the entire family. The Audubon Insectarium in New Orleans, Louisiana offers a fun and interactive learning environment that doubles as a memorable vacation activity. Kids of all ages will love exploring the 12 different exhibits on insects in the region and the US. Find more information and tickets online at

New Orleans Attractions Audubon Insectarium

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Obama: Rebuilding New Orleans, Two Years Later

Barack Obama discusses the challenges in rebuilding New Orleans on the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. See how the city and its people are rebuilding and moving forward.

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