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Fiorellas Fabulous Fried Chicken

If you are in New Orleans and you want to try a local favorite then this article “Fiorellas Fabulous Fried Chicken” looks at a great choice. There are additional links below with other great food choices when you are in New Orleans. People come to New Orleans for all kinds of reasons and for some…

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Ben’s Tours–New Orleans’ French Quarter

Each installment of Ben’s Tours takes you on a visit to a special place. This time join me as we explore the highlights of New Orleans’ French Quarter district. **Please note this is a repost of an older clip I accidentally deleted from the group the other day** Duration : 0:7:7

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New Orleans Saints ain’t the Aint’s No More!!!

New Orleans Saints The New Orleans Saints are in the Super Bowl!   New Orleans Saints Bless you Boys and all the Who Dat noise! The fans were more than great and we are oh so grateful for the Viking mistakes! Minnesota thought they could pull it out. NOT!  That’s what I’m talking about! Drew…

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Saints – Cajun Humor

I’m not sure who wrote this,  I just added the pics.  It was sent to me in an e-mail from a Cajun cousin – “Merci, cher!” A Cajun died and went to hell. The devil assigned him the usual punishment…put him in the mass pit where the heat was melting others. The devil came back sometime later surprised…

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