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Wyndham Avenue Plaza Resort-Celebrate Mardi Gras Stay in New Orleans Hotel near Bourbon Street


Wyndham’s Avenue Plaza Resort hotel keeps you close to all the New Orleans excitement but away from most of the crowds and commotion. Youll stay in a quieter area of the city that’s only minutes from the popular French Quarter. With on-site concierge service available to you, you’ll find an endless playground in “The Big Easy – world-famous for jazz music, great restaurants, fabulous shopping and unique attractions.

Avenue Plaza Resort, located in the picturesque Garden District off St. Charles Avenue, offers studios and one-bedroom beautifully furnished suites with fully-equipped kitchenettes. Experience the outdoor courtyard swimming pool, with jetted soaking tub attached, on the landing to “The Ashley House,” an antebellum home that is owned by the resort. Visit the resorts rooftop sun deck to enjoy a spectacular view of the city. If youre interested in a juicy steak, fresh seafood or gumbo, Mr. Johns restaurant, located in the lobby, really hits the spot.

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I’m going to New Orleans, Biloxi, Mobile shortly. What attractions are left and active after Katrina?

the only thing to view in Biloxi is the distruction. New Orleans.. there is still many things to do.. for Valentines day my boyfriend and i went on a River Boat Cruise with breakfest and a jazz band. In the afternoon i went on a Garden District tour. Viewing the million dollar homes of famous celebrates .. such as john goodman to name one. then at night a hanuted ghost tour. The Garden and the Ghost tours were givin by Rev Zombies Voodoo Shop. It was great and they did a very good job. I’m from New Orleans and been to many other cities.. and new orleans offers many things the no others have. so its a great time to experience the culture of new orleans when down here.

you can go to click on ‘Local Guides’ then ‘Tours’ most of them are running. and theres and endless list of them.


How is the recovery effort in NOLA? Are there a lot of good urban planning related jobs?

I really liked NOLA when I visited in 2004 an am coming again for my 25th birthday (2/5) and Mardi Gras this year and have been interested in moving there for a few years now. I currently live in San Diego and grew up in the SF Bay Area and I feel I need to live outside of CA b/c I’ve been here my whole life and want to experiance something new and far different from here, even though i do love this place. I have a degree in Urban Studies and Planning and currently have only worked in transportation planning the past 3 years. I really would like to do urban planning and development and thought NOLA would be a good place for that because of the redevelopment there. Does anyone know if there are a lot of good urban planning jobs? Is the pace of recovery starting to pick up or is it kind of piecemeal still? I really would love to help this city recover but I’m not sure where to start? Would like to get an urban planning job and maybe do grad school or something.
Also does anyone know what professional jobs pay there? I currently make $45k a year and would like a similar salary b/c rent in the good parts of NOLA don’t seem that much cheaper than what I pay now in SD. The problem is I have no working experiance in land use planning or development but just transportation planning.

There are intense labor shortages in the medical, legal, & retail fields, most trades, and in the service industry.

However, you should line up a job BEFORE you move here.

The City of New Orleans appears to have several “city planning” positions vacant: but I can’t tell if they are current vacancies.

You should contact the City Planning Commission and ask – hey also may know of positions with other government agencies:

The agency that is recruiting most heavily in New Orleans is the police department:

Good luck!

How much does a dancer make on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana?

Im trying to make quick money and this is the only way I know how. But just how much money a night would I be taking home?

depends on the tips and what’s in town.

if it’s really slow you could end up with zip, if it’s a big party crowd sky is the limit.

but be aware it’s a tough job and not for the faint of heart.

how are your feet? you’ll be on them a lot

Quarterhouse resort New Orleans Timeshare lockout

1 bedroom lock out room #428A

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The History Of Mardi Gras And How It Became A New Orleans Tradition

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras

When you think of Mardi Gras people usually think of New Orleans Louisiana. This was not always true. So how did New Orleans become the home of the Greatest Free Show On Earth? Well let’s go way back to the beginning of Mardi Gras.

The Origins Of Mardi Gras

Even though Mardi Gras is perceived to have its roots in the Roman Catholic religion, it actually dates back to the days of ancient Rome. In the middle of the month of February, the Romans celebrated a holiday they called Lupercalia. The god Lupercus was the god of fertility, agriculture and pastoral shepherds and the festival was in his honor. Carnival which is considered synonymous with Mardi Gras is derived from the Latin expression meaning “farewell to the flesh”. This holiday was very similar to the Mardi Gras we know today. It had a festival almost circus atmosphere. There was also the festival of Saturnalia that seemed to have some effect on the origins of Mardi Gras. This holiday was also a time of jubilation that occurred around the end of December. The king was burned in effigy and was made to look ugly in appearance. This is where some of the traditions of masking seem to have been derived. Some of the colors of Mardi Gras, purple, green and gold may have come from this festival.

When Rome converted to Christianity, a common practice was to take pagan holidays and incorporate them into church holidays. Lupercalia was an example of that approach. So Lupercalia became Mardi Gras. This period was designed to be a last fling of partying, merriment and good times that came before the period of fasting, prayer and penance called Lent. During the Lenten period the faithful say good bye to the pleasures and indulgences of the flesh. This period lasts from Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday or 40 days.

This tradition became a major holiday in the city of Paris during the Middle Ages when it spread across the continent of Europe. During medieval times lords held huge carnivals prior to Lent to honor the enrollment of new knights into the service of the local lord or baron. In France, this was a particularly raucous time.

Next how Mardi Gras made it to America.

The term “Fat Tuesday” or Mardi Gras referred to the indulgence that occurred.

Mardi Gras

Can you get on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras if you are 18? Not to drink. But just to go out with friends?

My friends are 21+ and I am going as the designated driver. But do the police baracade the streets like they do on Beale Street in Memphis?

you can walk around basically if you are any age…some bars might not let you in, but they usually let girls in anywhere.

Can you plan a Baton Rouge/New Orleans vacation for 4 crazy teenagers?

We’re on a budget of $1200 all together.

Ages: 19,18,17,15. All girls.

We need:

A hotel for a week
Lots of tourist attractions
Lots and Lots of food!!!!!

We don’t want to leave anyone out.

We need a hotel that allows 18 year olds to check in alone.

Any and all ideas are appreciated.

The Royal Street Courtyard hotel is a boutique hotel with hot-tub and beautiful gardens, authentic french quarter style rooms and really friendly. It’s run by a guy called Phil who is fantastic. I live in London but have been there three times in the last four years. There is a big suite at the top that would sleep you all for much less than $1200.

New Orleans is one of my favourite cities. I can recommend hanging out on Frenchman’s Street – it’s where the best real bars and clubs are – forget Bourbon street.

There’s also an African restaurant on Royal Street, near the hotel just into the French quarter that does the best food I’ve ever tasted.

Have fun. I wish I was back there now!

America’s scariest halloween attractions: Part 2

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