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Best Hotel to Stay at on or close to Bourbon Street?

Will be in New Orleans in October and would like to be near the action in French Quarter. Don’t want to spend more than $125 a night. Plan on being out late so noise isn’t an issue.

The following are all hotels within a mile or Bourbon Street, in your budget and in order from highest star rating to lowest:

Hilton New Orleans/St. Charles Avenue
from $109.00
0.6 Miles From BOURBON ST, New Orleans, LA USA
3 Blocks French Quarter/Casino / New Orleans
Hotel Info: 800-916-4507

Fairmont Hotel New Orleans
from $99.00
0.5 Miles From BOURBON ST, New Orleans, LA USA
Adjacent To French Quarter / New Orleans
Hotel Info: 800-916-4641

Maison Dupuy Hotel
from $119.00
0.1 Miles From BOURBON ST, New Orleans, LA USA
French Quarter / New Orleans
Hotel Info: 800-916-4507

Maison Dupuy Hotel
from $119.00
0.1 Miles From BOURBON ST, New Orleans, LA USA
French Quarter / New Orleans
Hotel Info: 800-916-4507

Wyndham Riverfront New Orleans
from $96.00
0.9 Miles From BOURBON ST, New Orleans, LA USA
Downtown-Conv.Center-Riverwalk / New Orleans
Hotel Info: 800-916-4632

St. James Hotel
from $95.00
0.6 Miles From BOURBON ST, New Orleans, LA USA
Casino 1blk/French Qtr -3 Blks / New Orleans
Hotel Info: 800-916-4614

Dauphine Orleans Hotel
from $124.00
0.2 Miles From BOURBON ST, New Orleans, LA USA
French Quarter, Bourbon 1 Blk / New Orleans
Hotel Info: 866-226-6223

Lafayette Hotel
from $89.00
0.8 Miles From BOURBON ST, New Orleans, LA USA
4 Blks French Qtr./New Orleans / New Orleans
Hotel Info: 866-226-6223

Doubletree New Orleans
from $99.00
0.6 Miles From BOURBON ST, New Orleans, LA USA
Canal Street – Harrah’s Casino / New Orleans
Hotel Info: 866-229-9144

The Whitney – A Wyndham Historic Hotel
from $104.00
0.7 Miles From BOURBON ST, New Orleans, LA USA
Downtown -Near Harrah’s / Fq / New Orleans
Hotel Info: 866-226-6223

Bourbon Street- Taylor Baggott

A song about being half drunk in the big easy.

Duration : 0:5:8

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New Orleans Chiropractor

Duration : 11 min 34 sec

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Louisiana Attractions – Louisiana Attractions

Duration : 0:0:29

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how has gerldo rivera never been killed ?

you’ve got to hand it to him. he’s been around doing his thing for most of my life, putting his life in danger. and now he’s down in nola, playing with a wind speed toy. go geraldo!

I don’t know how he has never gotten injured if only by an ex-wife. Ha ha He goes to all those places and does daring things because he wants to find a niche for himself in the media and talk-shows etc are all taken. So he tries "specials " with himself as the MC. Some are kind of interesting , and others are bust. I agree you have to give the guy credit for hanging in there all these years. He’s is always pleasant too.

New Orleans Blues Guitar Slim Jr. Sweet Home New Orleans R&B Series

Guitar Slim, Jr., the son of New Orleans blues legend, Guitar Slim, has made a name for himself beyond his famous father’s legacy. His first album, “The Story of My Life” earned Guitar Slim, Jr. a Grammy award nomination. A talented guitarist in his own right, Guitar Slim, Jr., aka Rodney Armstrong carries on his father’s legacy as a blues guitar virtuoso and a masterful entertainer.

The original Guitar Slim was an early blues guitar sensation, both electrifying musician and entertaining performer. He is considered, along with B.B King and Buddy Guy to be one of the original blues greats. Unfortunately, the hard living of a blues musician took Guitar Slim too soon. He died in 1959 at the age of 34. Thankfully, before he died he was able to impress upon his young son Rodney the spirit of his guitar mastery. Because the name “Guitar Slim” was never trademarked there are many others who have adopted the name in an attempt to associate themselves with greatness. Only one, Guitar Slim’s own son, Rodney Armstrong, has both the right and the style and technique to carry on his father’s legacy.

In this video Guitar Slim, Jr. and his band, including two other masterful blues guitarists, play “Pride & Joy,” an R&B song at Banks Street Bar in New Orleans the location of the Sweet Home New Orleans Summer R&B Series. Each Thursday night through the summer Sweet Home New Orleans presents some of New Orleans’ most talented R&B and blues musicians. The Summer R&B series is one of the many programs sponsored by Sweet Home New Orleans in their “Bringing the Music Back to New Orleans” initiative.

To find out how you can help Sweet Home New Orleans preserve New Orleans’ rich musical heritage, go to

This video includes three excellent blues guitar solos. Starting at the 3:00 point, all three of the band’s incredible guitarists take a turn soloing. Close ups of the guitarist’s fingers during their solos is included. Song 2 of this performance is a more traditional blues song and includes even more amazing guitar solos.

Duration : 0:6:35

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Mardi Gras: Fat Tuesday, French Quarter, New Orleans, 2009

A perfect day and the usual — and some unusual — fun when everyone costumes.

Duration : 0:3:3

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Going to New Orleans with kids?

Which are some attractions that are cheap, or free specially for kids in Lousiana (Specially around New Orleans) We’ll be there for two weeks. Help!

okay im from new orleans and to be truthfulllyy honest there are lots of fun cheap things in new orleans for children to do
im 17 years old ha ha ha but loveeee kids stuff

Audobon Zoo
Aquarium of The Americas
Insectarium (awesomeee)
I-max theater
—-> the site for all of the above

Louisiana Childrens Mueseum ( i love it there)

National World War II Mueseum (very educational)

City Park
the kids will love to feed the ducks and Loveee Story Land especially for kids 8 and under its going to be like a disney land for them

Mardi Gras World

There is alot more in new orleans for kids to enjoy believe me….
I still havent done it all lol
go to
to find attractions , tourist must sees, 5 star resteraunts, hotels and much more
im sure out of all the things i listed abbove you will find somthing your kids will enjoy during your stay..

have a awesommme trip here in New Orleans….
check out the sites i gave you :)

Traveltalks – 1940 Modern New Orleans

James A. Fitzpatrick’s
The Voice of the Globe
Modern New Orleans

Duration : 0:7:59

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Going Down South To Mississippi

For those who enjoy participating in outdoor activities, the state of Mississippi has a lot to offer. Named for the Mississippi River, many people sign up for canoe trips, horse rides, fishing trips, biking adventures, and more because of the beautiful landscape, lakes, streams, horse trails, and more that is available. Mississippi is a place where you can go to relax and enjoy being around nature. Old plantations, historic civil war sites, and open fields are places you can go to visit when you want to see a little bit of history.

But there is more to Mississippi than outdoor activities. If you want to meet new people, see the sights, and have fun at night time, you should visit larger cities such as Gulfport. With casinos and other attractions, you will be able to find excitement in the nightlife that surrounds you. Close to the ocean, you can take walks and listen to water from your Gulfport hotel room. The casinos also feature great food, musical acts, and much more. You can choose to stay in the casino hotels or you can find other accommodations if you plan on seeing other parts of Mississippi. If you crave more nightlife, you can always make the short trip to New Orleans from Gulfport.

Biloxi is another city located in Mississippi. This city also has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and historical places to visit. If you want to visit historical attractions, you will not have to travel too far.

The Biloxi Lighthouse is a place you don’t want to miss. It was built in 1848 and was said to be the first cast metal lighthouse in the South. In addition, while in Biloxi, be sure to check out the Mardi Gras Museum. It features over 300 years of traditional Mardi Gras costumes, history, and artifacts.

If looking for landmarks, you will find everything from old mansions to bridges. There are battlefields, churches, libraries, cemeteries, forts and much more located throughout the state. You will have to decide what to see and plan in advance because some places require reservations in order to see them. If you are traveling with a group, Mississippi is a good vacation destination because of the amount of activities you can participate in.

When you are deciding where to stay in Mississippi, you should consider staying in a campground or resort. These places will have additional information about local attractions, and sites that you will not want to miss. Along the way, you can ask local residents what they would recommend in terms of food, attractions, and other activities. Meeting new people can be the best part of a vacation. In Mississippi, people are very friendly and you will not be afraid to ask for advice on which attractions to visit. Once you have traveled to Mississippi, you will want to return in order to see more of this wonderful state.

G. Chadwick

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