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New Orleans Boot Camp New Orleans Fitness boot camp

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Hurricane Lane Hits Mexico As Dangerous Category 3 Hurricane

Hurricane Lane and its eye have just come ashore in rural Mexico. According to NOAH and the National Weather Service, it is still a destructive category 3 hurricane with sustained winds of over 125 mph. Warnings of 6 to 12 foot storm surges and possible flash floods and mudslides have been made as this could be a very devastating hurricane.
Hurricane Lane has already become deadly as it caused its first death with a child crushed by a mudslide and the resulting collapse of the house they were in.

On Saturday morning Hurricane Lane changed course and headed directly inland on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Earlier trajectories and storm tracking plotted the area of Acupulco and the tip of the Baja peninsula similar to Hurricane John from just 2 weeks ago. Regardless, Hurricane Lane is just as strong if not stronger and is a very sizeable hurricane with damaging winds of 125 or more mph.

The most damage may not come from the actual hurricane itself, but the storm surge, flooding, and resultant mudslides as the hurricane goes inland and over hilly and mountainous terrain. The biggest and most devastating hurricane of all time in the east pacific was the Mexico Hurricane of 1959. It came ashore as a category 5 hurricane with over 160 mph sustained winds. Over 1000 people died due to the flash floods and mud and land slides. Many more died from the thousands of venomous scorpions and snakes that were unearthed and misplaced by these mud and land slides. This could very likely happen here with Hurricane Lane as it is powerful enough to unleash similar mud and land slides and flooding.

This could also be greatly impacted, just like New Orleans, in that being rural many people are trapped and cannot get out in time. Emergency workers and help may not be adequate enough and will have a hard time reaching hurricane victims. Also the threat of deadly poisonous scorpions and snakes aggressive from displacement will conjure much fear in the minds of emergency personnel from the memories of thousands of lives lost to these venomous reptiles during the great hurricane of Mexico in 1959.

In preparation many people have been evacuated, but many are left stranded and unable to leave. As the eye of Hurricane Lane moves farther inward we will get more of an idea of the damage and destruction. The hurricane prediction center and the National Weather Service can only predict 3 to 5 days ahead of a storm, but all indications show the hurricane moving inward into more hilly and mountainous regions. This could be a repeat of the great hurricane of 1959 and a terrible disaster for the people on the pacific coast of Mexico and our hearts go out to them.

David Maillie

What is there to do in the french quarter for teens?

i am going on a vacation with my friends to new orleans. what is there to do in the french quarter for 16 year old kids?

Teenagers go down to Bourbon to see and to be seen…
When i was in high school, my friends and i used to just walk up and down the street looking at all the sights and hoping to find guys to talk to us. (In retrospect, this sounds like a terrible idea but at the time, that’s how it was.)

Anyway, i know it sounds lame just walking up and down the street, but trust me it can be an adventure.
Please be careful though. Stick together for one! And while its more than fine to TALK to interesting people you meet- please don’t consider going off anyplace with any of them. Don’t try to get someone to buy you alcohol, don’t expose your body in anyway. And basically just use good old fashioned common sense.

Hope you have fun!

The Story of Milk Studio – It Does a Body Good

Gather round my friends and you will hear the story of a Louisiana couple who persevered.  Once upon a time Mindy owned a lingerie shop on Decatur Street in the New Orleans French Quarter.  In the wake of Hurricane Katrina the city was in turmoil, and full of construction workers who didn’t need lingerie.  Desperate to save her retail space Mindy put the same artistic talent she had used to do the graphic designs on her lingerie to use on handcrafts.
Enter David the limo driver. Katrina also did a number on David. Leaving 10 feet of water in his home and making the need for limo drivers, even 25 year veteran limo drivers, basically non-existent in the Big Easy.  It looked like David needed a plan.  So with no place to stay and no job David moved to the French Quarter to try to find work.  What he found was Mindy.  Mindy needed someone to work her table in the French Market and David needed a job.  Sounds like a plan to me.
Mindy and David took their plan and a prayer and together turned a floundering lingerie shop into a flourishing business.  These guys with camera in hand went around the area taking pictures of NOLA landmarks, hotspots, and businesses. In a 3 day process that demonstrates detailed workmanship they create distinctive works of art in each beautiful glazed tile coaster, magnet and apron that are loved by locals and visitors alike.

Appreciating their efforts to keep intact some of the culture and history of the city, people started bringing in old grocery bags, matchbooks, notebooks, etc. The rest as they say is history, three years worth.

Next time you are in the French Market look for David and let him share some of his wonderfully nostalgic NOLA stories or stop in to see Mindy at the Milk Studio headquarters at 1309  Decatur and check out the new line of soy candles.  You can also visit David and Mindy at           

I am inspired and humbled by the innovative people all over this great state, people like David and Mindy, who have suffered through devastating hurricanes, the aftermath and just rolled up their sleeves, picked up the pieces and kept right on going. Don’t you just love happy endings, it does a body good!

By Sharon Denise Talbot

driving to new orleans this weekend and would like to stop by Lafayette?

any attractions there? historical places , any other architectural magnificent buildings that can be more interesting

hi there,only a link for you with attractions, and a map for directions..,-86.875287&sspn=0.108738,0.219383&g=Lafayette%3F&ie=UTF8&hq=%3Fattractions&hnear=Lafayette,+IN&t=h&z=11

regards pops..

BBC – The Secret Life of Chaos

This film is the story of a series of bizarre and interconnected discoveries that revealed a hidden face of nature. It is about how inanimate matter with no purpose or design can spontaneously create exquisite beauty. It is about the same laws that make the universe chaotic and unpredictable, how it can turn simple dust into human beings. You'll find out the astonishing beauty in the order of disorder and how computers simulate evolution, with an accompanying haunting soundtrack (including the tracks by Brian Eno, Philip Glass, Erik Satie etc.)

Duration : 59 min 11 sec

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What will New Orleans & the Gulf Coast do with all the trash from Hurricane Katrina?

There is so much trash in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. What will the survivors and residents do with all of the flooded cars, furnature, houses, and junk?

Most of the debris from the houses (furniture, wood, etc) will wind up being landfilled. They have all of the major hauling companies involved in the cleanup efforts. Where it is economical they will recycle as much as possible. Most of the metals and recoverable/reusable things will get handled that way because they have value to all the people involved.

Hope this helps!

How will the newly arrived Tulane and Loyola students be evacuated from NOLA (in case it happens)?

I so hope it doesn’t!

I put up with Katrina, then we had to sit through Rita (family lives in Houston), and now … GUSTAV?!

Stupid hurricanes…
And I guess this applies to UNO and Xavier students, too.

I would imagine they’ll charter buses and move those without a place to go to temporary shelters.

Audubon Insectarium Insect Museum in New Orleans, LA

The Audubon Insectarium in New Orleans, LA is an award-winning insect museum that features 23,000 square feet of exhibits and various attractions involving the insect world. Exhibits include Butterflies in Flight and the Life Underground Experience. The Audubon Insectarium is the largest museum of its kind in the United States. Find more information at

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Wyndham Avenue Plaza Resort-Celebrate Mardi Gras Stay in New Orleans Hotel near Bourbon Street


Wyndham’s Avenue Plaza Resort hotel keeps you close to all the New Orleans excitement but away from most of the crowds and commotion. Youll stay in a quieter area of the city that’s only minutes from the popular French Quarter. With on-site concierge service available to you, you’ll find an endless playground in “The Big Easy – world-famous for jazz music, great restaurants, fabulous shopping and unique attractions.

Avenue Plaza Resort, located in the picturesque Garden District off St. Charles Avenue, offers studios and one-bedroom beautifully furnished suites with fully-equipped kitchenettes. Experience the outdoor courtyard swimming pool, with jetted soaking tub attached, on the landing to “The Ashley House,” an antebellum home that is owned by the resort. Visit the resorts rooftop sun deck to enjoy a spectacular view of the city. If youre interested in a juicy steak, fresh seafood or gumbo, Mr. Johns restaurant, located in the lobby, really hits the spot.

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