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Carl's Jr. Kentucky Bourbon Burger Party Hollywood

Carl's Jr. hosted a swingin' launch party for their Kentucky Bourbon Burger at Crown Bar in Hollywood on March 31, 2009. Mixologist Erica Lancellotti created a signature drink for the event – The Carl's Jr. Twisted Bourbon. Enjoy the sights and sounds!

Duration : 2 min 20 sec

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Street Performer

Street Performer

Duration : 16 sec

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Does anyone know how to make a Jester drink from Bourbon Street?

The last time we were in New Orleans, a bunch of us got Jesters (the world strongest drink) made with 190 proof grain alcohol (everclear I assume). We loved it! we all had one and had the best time! Love to make them at home, but don’t have a clue of how. Can somebody help!

That sounds like a Hand Grenade, but sold by a bar that doesn’t have permission to use the trademarked name:

Mardi Gras 2008: Bourbon Street

Mardi Gras 2008: Bourbon Street

Duration : 0:1:28

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“Bourbon Street Parade” Dukes of Dixieland

From the album, “The Best of the Dukes Of Dixieland.”
This is the original band (1948-1974)

Duration : 0:2:35

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French Quarter Fest, New Orleans

Music and soul from the Cresent City.

New Orleans, Louisiana is known for it’s World class musical events. It is after all the “Birthplace of Jazz,” and on just about any given day or night of the week you can stop into the most unsuspecting place, a joint here, a tavern there, and be enchanted, moved and grooved by the most talented of musicians.

What I love about the music in New Orleans is that it is utterly unpretentious: It’s cheap, it’s plentiful and it comes directly form the soul – it is raw emotion in motion. Everybody who is “anybody” plays down there, and everybody who is nobody (all of us) gets “down” with it.

The French Quarter Festival, featured in this video, is but one of New Orleans’ well known events. It is however lesser known than the Jazz Festival and therefore draws a smaller, more local crowd. The musicians in the French Quarter Fest are all well known local musician’s (one of the criteria) and boy do they know how to get a crowd up on their feet!

The beauty of the French Quarter Fest is that you can actually roam the Quarter, and down by the river, listening to Big Band, Swing, Latin Jazz, Zydeco, Soul, Gospel and more while noshing on favorite foods from some of our Country’s most notorious restaurants (Emeril’s, K-Paul’s, Arnaud’s…..) You can break off from the crowd, breathe, spread out, come and go, and go at slower pace than the much touted and also wonderful Jazz Fest which takes place in the Fair Grounds and has a “one time entrance only policy.”

So, get ready to get out of your chair and up on your feet and join FatBellyTraveler for a tour of French Quarter Fest 07′.

And then pick up the phone and book your reservations for French Quarter Fest 08′!

Special Thanks to:
French Quarter Festival All Stars with Connie Jones
Leif Pedersen’s Big Band
Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers
Kermit Ruffins and the Barbecue Swingers
Marva White & the BMW’s

Duration : 0:4:26

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Bourbon Street Parade – Sussex Stompers Jazz Band

The Sussex Stompers in the beer tent at Bentley Woodfair, 14th September 2008. On trumpet and vocals, Richard Boswell; clarinet, Richard Diamond; Trombone, John Watson; Banjo, Dave Clarke; Sousaphone, Peter Drage; Drums, Steve Clarke.

Duration : 0:5:4

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Wild Wayne TV presents KERMIT RUFFINS, LIVE AT VAUGHAN’S, Guest appearances R&B Singer ROI ANTHONY and by Kermit’s own BBQ Swingers

Duration : 0:11:1

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Part One – Bourbon Street Daytime Walking Tour

Bourbon Street New Orleans in the Daytime. This is a walking tour in three segments. Recorded June of 2007. I screwed something up so the credit at the end isn’t really at the end. I know it is my fault but I still don’t know how I did it.

Duration : 0:9:59

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Laredo Street

This is a song I recorded a few years ago with my friend Rudy Divona.

Duration : 3 min 47 sec

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