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    If the Iberville housing development is ever razed, do you think they should rebuild Storyville?

    Anyone who lives in the Nola area should know about Storyville. if not, look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storyville There would be tremendous opposition from the existing downtown merchants to building a new "entertainment district" on the site of the Iberville, and particularly from the ones in the French Quarter. That doesn’t mean they want the Iberville to continue as it currently is, but wouldn’t want the direct competition. Note that the city considered locating the Arena (the basketball dome next to the Superdome) on the site, but it ended up in its current location because construction costs were much less as the Superdome’s air-conditioning system could be co-used by the Arena. The…

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    What can we do on our vacation to Louisiana (other than visit plantations & the French Quarter)?

    We’ve already been to many of the plantations & to the French Quarter several times. My husband’s family is Cajun & they live there, but I like to do at least one fun, touristy thing each time we go. What else is cool to see & do in Louisiana? i know the aquarium of the americans is there..i havent been there since i was little so i dont know about price or anything

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    What Recession?

    Is it really all in our mind? What an amazing event, the Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States and the first African American in the White House. So monumental was this moment that over 2 million Americans huddled in The National Mall on a cold winter morning in Washington DC just so they could say to their children in years to come, ‘I was there’. Trains, planes, cars and over 10,000 busses ferried some 4 million average Americans into town. 13,000 ‘Port A Potty’s’ were set up in the National Mall ready for the crowd. 90 military high school bands and community groups turned out for the…

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    BBC – The Secret Life of Chaos

    This film is the story of a series of bizarre and interconnected discoveries that revealed a hidden face of nature. It is about how inanimate matter with no purpose or design can spontaneously create exquisite beauty. It is about the same laws that make the universe chaotic and unpredictable, how it can turn simple dust into human beings. You'll find out the astonishing beauty in the order of disorder and how computers simulate evolution, with an accompanying haunting soundtrack (including the tracks by Brian Eno, Philip Glass, Erik Satie etc.) Duration : 59 min 11 sec

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    How did the New Orleans Saints lose tonight to the 3-12 Buccaneers? what the heck is happening to the Saints?

    Now the New Orleans Saints have back to back losses now, but what is more atrocious is that they lost tonight to Tampa Bay, who is 3-12, c’mon!!!!. I don’t think the Saints are Super Bowl Contenders anymore now. personally I did not see the game, I woke up late, anyway, what is up with the Saints? Do the Saints have any key Injuries? They are still SB contenders. The reason they lost was either: A) Not caring. They’re in the playoffs…so why not take it easy? B) They got cocky. Maybe they do care, and just went in cocky playing Tampa Bay.

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    Salisbury's Take: MNF Preview MIN@NO

    Minnesota has been struggling so far this season, while the New Orleans offense has been pretty sharp. See why Sean Salisbury has Brees and the Saints taking this game Go to: http://www.opensports.com/ for more great videos. Duration : 2 min 41 sec

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