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    I am visiting New Orleans and want to know about exciting things to do?

    Hello All, I am visiting New Orleans in January 2009 and would like to know where are the hot spots? Are there any great restaurants, night clubs or other tourist attractions to try out? I will be coming with my job so it would definitely be after 5-6pm outings. Thanks There is a restaurant on the corner of Conti and Bourbon called Ole New Awlins Cookery. I used to live in Baton Rouge area and have actually driven to New Orleans just to eat at this restaurant. I highly recommend the BBQ Shrimp. As for the haunted tours, they give a lot of false information but if that doesn’t matter…

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    Restoring New Orleans Restaurants

    New Orleans is world famous for its music, architecture, diversity and, perhaps most of all, its food. This documentary portrays the state of restaurants in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. It includes interviews with chefs who lost their restaurants to the flooding as well as those who cooked for first responders and nourished the soul of many New Orleanians struggling to rebuild their lives. This short documentary was originally presented at the 2006 James Beard Awards in New York City as a tribute to New Orleans chefs who were collectively recognized for their humanitarian efforts. This project is part of a series of short documentaries produced by the non-profit, New…

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    Beyond the French Quarter: a documentary

    “Beyond the French Quarter” is a student-production that captures the unconventional accounts of youths in New Orleans. Follow us beyond the cameras and tourists, as we try to find hope in the areas that still haunt of desolation three years after Hurricane Katrina. Background of this project In March 2008, our 8-member production team visited New Orleans. Funded by Williams College, this project is not only about doing community services and helping with the reconstruction in the region; it is about telling our peers stories about the City of Jazz three years after Hurricane Katrina. During our one-week stay, we talked to people — college volunteers hammering on roofs, ordinary…

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    Taste of New Orleans Returns

    After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina New Orleans is slowly but surely coming back. We are seeing a return of the restaurant and tourism industries which are bringing back more and more tourists to the Big Easy. The greater New Orleans area is also welcoming people as new residents to this historic city. Five years ago, on August 29, a powerful hurricane struck the Gulf Coast of the southern United States, killing more than 1,800 people and causing billions of dollars in damage to states along the coast. Much of the flooding and many of the deaths occurred in and around the city of New Orleans. And in an extra blow…

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    Anyone been to Petunia’s in New Orleans French Quarter??

    OK. I swear this restaurant had THE BEST food I have ever had, anywhere, hands down. Problem is that it’s been 3 years and I just can’t seem to replicate their recipe for Eggs Melanzana. It was a breaded and flash fried piece of eggplant with a piece to ham on top Like a ham..it was a smoked meat specific to the area), then a poached egg and then a kind of sauce. Has anyone had this? Does anyone remember better what it consisted of? Anyone know someone who works at Petunia’s or lives in NOLA? I’d almost be willing to PAY for an answer to this one!! We were…

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    A Day At The French Quarter

     Who wouldn’t want to spend a day in the French Quarter?  There is so much to take in as you wander the streets.  A little shopping, some music on the air, mouth-watering aromas of delicious southern cuisine all adds to the historic sights waiting for in the oldest area of the Crescent City.   Ah! Give me a day in the French Quarter and I am a happy girl.  I choose to be happy. So I guess it is lucky for me I get to live smack dab in the middle of this beautiful place. The sights and sounds of this place are a part of me. The world renowned cuisine…