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    Yo Mama!

    Just off of Bourbon Street, a couple of doors down at 727 St. Peter is the coolest little pit stop with the best jukebox in the Quarter.  Yo Mama’s Bar and Grill is home to ice cold Abita and other beers and cocktails that hit the spot on a Vieux Carre’ cruise. Jumbo burgers piled with your choice of extras like bacon, mushrooms, cheddar and peanut butter (I kid you not) are mouthwateringly juicy.  A burger order includes an oversized loaded baked potato. You lightweights better share with a friend.  You will never finish this mountain of food alone. This time of year there is also spicy hot boiled crawfish. Good stuff!…

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    Montrel’s Bistro New Orleans

    Montrels Bistro New Orleans ~ If your looking for a great place to enjoy a meal whether visiting New Orleans or a local, then Montrel’s Bistro is the best place to come and have a great time and enjoy some of the best food in New Orleans,Louisiana. (Best New Orleans Restaurants) Best New Orleans Restaurants (best new Orleans bars) best new Orleans bars (best new Orleans bars) montrels bistro new Orleans (montrels bistro new Orleans ) ( new Orleans crawfish restaurant ) new Orleans crawfish restaurant (best place to eat new Orleans) best place to eat new Orleans ( gumbo in new Orleans ) gumbo in new Orleans (new Orleans…

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    What is the New Orleans restuarant in the new Visa commercial?

    Member since: February 09, 2007 Total points: 100 (Level 1) Points earned this week: –% Best answer Davie Dave S What is the New Orleans restuarant in the new Visa commercial? I saw a Visa commerical during a football game of local New Orleans restuarants and fans. One restuarant was serving up crawfish in wooden boxes. Does anyone know what restuarant that was? I saw the commercial too and could not tell where all the location were but here is some background on it. And a link to the commercial. National Advertising Visa’s national television commercial will launch on September 6 during the NFL season Kickoff Game, featuring the New…