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New Orleans – Bourbon street

New Orleans – Bourbon street

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Bourbon Weed and Water

Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka, what? Yeah, sweet tea vodka… I bought it to try it out and here is the recipe we're testing it with. Also includes bourbon, duh.

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Saints Win! Party on Bourbon Street!

Wild celebration on Bourbon Street in New Orleans following Saints victory over the Vikings in the NFC Championship game.

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What’s Bourbon Street like in November?

My friends and I will be going to the Alabama/LSU game and thought we’d spend a night or two in New Orleans. I’ve been there before for Mardis Gras and I know how crazy that can be. I wanted to know what Bourbon Street is like in the off season. Should we bring beads (and yes, we know that’s touristy, but we don’t mind ;-) Is it worth it to get a hotel with a balcony overlooking Bourbon?

It won’t be as crazy as Mardi Gras (nothing is) but there should be lots of people in town for the game. The weather in November is also usually nice.

There are only two (2) hotels with balcony rooms overlooking Bourbn Street:

Royal Sonesta
Ramada Inn on Bourbon

Balcony rooms can be fun. They also tend to be noisy (from the crowd on the street all night). If sleep is important don’t get a balcony room. You don’t need beeds and it’s actually against the law to throw them from the balcony to the crowd. Yes, people do it and the police don’t interfere unless it becomes a problem. If hotel security/management or the police tell you to stop then stop.

Moon Over Bourbon Street

New Orleans

Moon Over Bourbon Street
performed by MIKE MOSSESSIAN

piano: Hovannes Djibian
bass: Carlos Pino Quintana
drums: Eugenio Del Castro
perc & trombone: Nelson Williams

song known from the movie “Interview with the Vampire” filmed in New Orleans.  New Orleans is the home of Bourbon Street.
famous versions: Sting Botti

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Bourbon Street- Taylor Baggott

A song about being half drunk in the big easy.

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New Orleans Saints Fans Party on Bourbon Street Super Bowl Bound

Saints fans party on Bourbon Street after the Saints win! Fans have been waiting for this moment for a long time! Let the good times roll.

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Bourbon Cookies

You may enjoy eating bourbon with your cookies, we enjoy bourbon in our cookies. Watch for more videos.

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Muskat Ramble & Old Bourbon Street

A clip from movie (I don’t know the name). Louis and Kid Ory. Note that the audience is only white, what a shame!!

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Saints Victory Celebration in French Quarter as Saints Win Super Bowl 44

Watch the fans erupt as the New Orleans Saints win their first Super Bowl ever and party on Bourbon Street.

Sexy Stories from the Super Bowl

Celebrity Super Bowl Predictions

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