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SECRET NEW ORLEANS: TJ & Di Théâtre d’Orléans! Voodoo Vapors!

VIEUX CARRÉ CONFIDENTIAL! (series) episode #13! TJ Fisher and Di Harris adventures! The Hoo-hah Ladies of the French Quarter live life out loud! In this retro-style film clip — the funky, fun, chic and slightly mad fashionistas open up their world and take you with them! To unexpected places and French Quarter haunts! Tag along with the mad hattresses, and enjoy an armchair Voodoo-trance “window shopping” spell and spree on Royal Street, and beyond! Snippets of French Quarter life!

Well seasoned by an intriguing life stories that resemble weird Hollywood sagas flavored by sensational speculation, TJ and Di remain full of humor and fanciful visions. They are fearless wunderkind prone to incite, without compunction, a firestorm of controversy in their wake. The zany duo enjoy poking fun at themselves, as well as Hollywood “It” girls, rock star royalty, high society butterflies and Hollywood elite. Glitterati, literati, pundits and paparazzi are all fair game for VIEUX CARRÉ CONFIDENTIAL!

In an intoxicating old town that truly embraces the individual, these two one-of-a-kind women — similar to other colorful local fixtures — start trends instead of following them. First jokester TJ hunts for her koo-koo tweety bird, who is roosted atop her head. Playfully poised in front of the storefront window display of Di’s French Quarter international boutique, TJ gets the lowdown on tastemaker retailing. Zogwald’s features hip-glamour clothing and timeless collectibles. Next Di is seen shopping at the famed and gritty Bourbon Street Quartermaster Deli, a storied 24-hour grocery store of comfort food and colorful characters. The double-trouble pair of wild and whacky divas window-shop at Fleur De Paris couture millinery shop. Girly-girl, romantic and sophisticated hats! Chapeaus! Couture! Last the two appear in a quick-snapshot montage of French Quarter destinations, in a town uniquely well suited to a rolling parade of music stars, Mardi Gras queens, pretty princesses, glamour girls, big-eyed tourists and troublemakers.

Old world crawfish boils, bands, music, mystery, madness, hatboxes, vapors, steeples, spires, splendor — the New Orleans way! The Who Dat attitude!

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Always at the cornerstone of eccentric behavior, TJ drives a ’59 pink Cadillac convertible named Lulabell, and Di rides a 1968 “My Fair Lady” model banana-seat Stingray. TJ Fisher is the accolade-winning author of multiple works of New Orleans-based nonfiction and fiction. Award-winning designer Di Harris is the fashion maven and vintage vamp pinup artist behind the trademark “Oonkas Boonkas” style chic. (TJ also maintains a home in Palm Beach, Florida and Di in Melbourne, Australia.)
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In New Orleans town, the time-honored circle of rosary beads, revelry and rue come together. Intriguing tales of unconventionalities abound. A wildly personal place, customs, sacraments and superstitions do not fit easily into any one category. That is what makes New Orleans particularly interesting, entertaining, amusing and controversial. It is a community of rich ethnicities, religions, opinions. The ancient city is a unique place of worship and frolic, introspection and self-discovery — for the holy and hedonistic alike. New Orleanians are mainly spiritual and yet separate and aloof, sometimes religious and sometimes not, deeply influenced by our existence and death on the edge. Known to be unorthodox, ideological, cryptic and philosophical, the people of New Orleans often take what they want from Catholicism, Baptism, Judaism and Voodooism — forming new conjunctions with their own cherished traditions. The truth is that the Crescent City takes in life with a different set of eyes, with an open and caring “anything-goes” attitude. Le Bon Temps Roule. Some call the locals idiosyncratic and iconoclastic, and it is true. Passions run rampant. Emotions are poured, provoked and stirred. Senses ignited. The spirit and soul of the city — the unique history, culture and customs — reign supreme.


HBO and David Simon’s lush new drama series Treme “gets” New Orleans; they definitely get it, do you? Do you get the resilient heart, soul, spirit and humor of the people and places of New Orleans…?


Duration : 0:4:53

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SECRET NEW ORLEANS: TJ & Di Hoochie Coochie Ladies!

VIEUX CARRÉ CONFIDENTIAL! (series) episode #9! TJ Fisher and Di adventures! Drinks and tea with TJ and Di! Start the day with the zany duo, and enjoy a rollicking behind-the-scenes French Quarter morning! Wake up with CNN’s anchorwoman Robin Meade, but come home with TJ and Di, and live their life! So absurd, absolutely fabulous, and slightly off kilter!

The retro-style short film begins with a montage of imagery — a colorful gay parade, the Natchez steamship, Jax Brewery, the Cabildo and St. Louis Cathedral — then the camera zooms in on zany TJ and Di breakfasting in TJ’s old-timey kitchen, in a historic Vieux Carré home on Bourbon Street. TJ’s two blonde-and-blond dogs, Colonel Dudley Boudreaux Waddlesworth and Madame Calliope de Bourbon, join the Belles of Bourbon for mealtime. A dose of local-local comedy, satire and renegade behavior!

After a wakeup-call breakfast at TJ’s haunted house, the two friends check out a French Quarter adult clothing store and happen upon Marilyn Monroe (bawdy local drag queen character and showgirl Princes Stephaney); Marilyn offers up titillating tidbits of advice, along with an outburst of vivacious singing and storytelling. Afterwards TJ plays with Baby Totie, the loudmouth squealing miniature pig, deep in the heart of one of the French Quarter’s famed secret gardens. Private. Exclusive. Surreal. Insider sneak peek at life in the Quarter. From there TJ and Di move on to Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, the oldest bar in American, then they encounter a silver-painted street performer mime. Finally the double-trouble pair wind up in front of Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville.

Jack Jones makes a cameo appearance in his boutique Alternatives.

Eccentric French Quarter author/Bourbon Street resident TJ Fisher and Boho-chic stylemaker Di Harris fit the mold for outrageous New Orleans characters. Both enjoy hare-brained escapades and loony-tunes humor.

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Swamp Empress TJ drives a ’59 pink Cadillac convertible named Lulabell, and Di rides a 1968 “My Fair Lady” model banana-seat Stingray. TJ is the nationally acclaimed author of multiple New Orleans-based nonfiction and fiction works. Award-wining designer/artist Di owns Zogwald’s, an eclectic French Quarter boutique, and her original pinup-girl artwork graces celebrity homes. (TJ also maintains a home in Palm Beach, Florida and Di in Melbourne, Australia.)

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VIEUX CARRÉ CONFIDENTIAL! The intersection of fact and fiction! Louisiana has a legacy of many lifetimes of passionate, flamboyant and parading women, magnificent and meaningful larger-than-life personalities, women of many mindsets, passions, nationalities and exotic traditions. Leaving an indelible mark on the world are the ladies of New Orleans: femme fatales, noblewomen, glamour girls, baronesses, placées, literary lionesses, nuns, singers, Mardi Gras maids, jazz musicians, restaurateurs, Creole belles, artists, burlesque dancers, Voodoo priestesses, entertainers, women of letters, politicians, sculptors, beauty queens, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, gens de couleur, society matriarchs, painters, shopkeepers, Storyville seductresses….??

Their stories live on, their essence lingers, their threads remain, embedded deep within the fabric of New Orleans.

The three-centuries-old French is like nowhere else in the world. Beyond the clamor and fracas of the Quarter, ancient prayers of patron saints sprout like briars of damp growth, calling forth memories. People feel a draft and thoughts of old pierce the heart. History traipses through the mind. Delicious ambrosia seems nearby, just beyond the brambles and thistles. The Vieux Carré houses the sundown and scintillation of checkered characters and centuries faintly known, misting all around. History intrudes. Filigree twists of the rise and fall of man and memories remain seamed into the bricks.

The French Quarter exudes the undertones of a tragic quality that cannot be denied; yet the hypnotic effect is otherworldly beauty, stark and startling, pure and paramount. She is a city that stirs the senses and seduces the soul, for she tampers with a person’s inclinations and toys with the mind. In New Orleans, time passes differently.


HBO and David Simon’s lush new drama series Treme “gets” New Orleans; they definitely get it, do you? Do you get the resilient heart, soul, spirit and humor of the people and places of New Orleans…?


Duration : 0:5:14

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