6 Responses to “SECRET NEW ORLEANS: TJ & Di w/Miss Marion Colbert of Tremé!”

  1. Callipsomamboqueen says:

    All this unfolded …
    All this unfolded in Ladies restroom? Who’d have thought such wise words could be found amongst audible flushes and restroom gossip. Miss Marion made my smile go along way!!!! Shake shake shake…..

  2. MsIkoikoiko says:

    ms marion is a …
    ms marion is a national treasure

  3. AmyWashington51 says:

    Shame what happened …
    Shame what happened but im glad shes still embracing life

  4. MISSMARPLEification says:

    Shimmy shake.
    Shimmy shake.

  5. SwampEmpress says:

    The facial …
    The facial expressions of the other ladies in the washroom, who pause to watch and stare at Miss Marion “shake the devil off her back” are so fun and fascinating to watch!

  6. SwampEmpress says:

    Miss Marion, you …
    Miss Marion, you are the real heart and soul of New Orleans!

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