21 Responses to “Nola Gold Herbal Incense Review”

  1. ItsAllGucciWholesale says:

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  2. LoudSide20 says:

    love how your …
    love how your talkin about it being not for human consumption.. but here you are smoking it in front of the world.. lol we all know everyones smoking it but to say advertise the NFHC label then smoke in on a video is funny to me.

  3. MrTurbopussy says:

    @jprahhal haha… …
    @jprahhal haha…sweet. I like turbos, and i like pussy, so it just seemed like a good name 🙂

  4. caseystarling says:

    Thank you. I was …
    Thank you. I was wondering if either of those were good. Now I know.

  5. jprahhal says:

    @MrTurbopussy wow …
    @MrTurbopussy wow i had a metal band when i was in high school called Mr. TurboPussy. trippy……………

  6. vpgmarrero says:

    1. pass drug tests

    1. pass drug tests
    2. legal
    3. get high

  7. tim9128 says:

    im on probation an …
    im on probation an i still smoke but not as much. the only time id really want to buy this is when it come time to quit. but, whats the point of smoking it if ur not on probation? i bet its no where as good as that chron.

  8. ganstaal112 says:

    this gets you …
    this gets you so dam high. i smoke we all day erry day and this gets me more high and higher for longer

  9. BlinginTom says:

    got Diablo
    got Diablo

  10. vpgmarrero says:

    @asdfghjkSHAY …
    @asdfghjkSHAY nolagoldincense com

  11. asdfghjkSHAY says:

    where can you buy …
    where can you buy it?

  12. vpgmarrero says:

    @julian009 nah, …
    @julian009 nah, there’s a differences in taste. I prefer the taste of Nola Gold. Super Nova is a lot fluffier and greener, where Nola Gold has a bit of orange in it.

  13. julian009 says:

    nola gold & super …
    nola gold & super nova is the same thing

  14. MrTurbopussy says:

    It kinda smells …
    It kinda smells like bubblelicious gum…and gets you high as shit!

  15. rclark23 says:

    seems to have a …
    seems to have a deep stupor side effect, kinda like,, uhhh?? an ‘air bubble’
    loong buzz though– 4 Thumbs Up!

  16. Snitfit says:

    Some friends turned …
    Some friends turned me on to it today. Having been burnt on the legal bud before, I was skeptical. Jimminy Christmas, it worked like a champ!

  17. vpgmarrero says:

    I’m gonna get my …
    I’m gonna get my friend to do the king kong review next week! Stay tuned and get a girls perspective. This will be her first time trying incense. 🙂

  18. pvtjoker777 says:

    pretty hardcore …
    pretty hardcore dude, smoking the marlboro and the j

  19. vpgmarrero says:

    Have you tried the …
    Have you tried the Nola Gold? It is good. I personally think it’s better than the illegal stuff.

  20. legalsmokeshop says:

    Ya, I tried it for …
    Ya, I tried it for the first time a month ago. I think it’s the best one out there

  21. vpgmarrero says:

    nope, is that …
    nope, is that another brand?


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