New Orleans or NYC?

Sure, New Orleans has some good stuff going on once in a while.. The parades, the French Quarter, the street cars. But NYC has a million and one cultures all interacting w/ each other whereas I feel NOLA doesn’t have all that plus, the pace is a little slow for me.. Far from being the cultural melting pot.
Where is this leading to
College decisions.
I’ve been told that NOLA has a better college environment BUT NYC seems to have many more opportunities in terms of internships and all that other stuff that I shouldn’t be worrying about right now..
BTW, I live by N.O at the moment.. For at least a year and some.
So, what do you think I should go with?
Street cars and parades OR big city life??
Any answer that will help point me in the right direction will be of great help!!
I’m referring to present time.. Not pre-whatever..

I prefer Nawlins pre-deluge.
It was a nice place for vampires then.


Presently, I’d probably enjoy NYC better. Less wreckage, but not the same vibe, unfortunately.