3 Responses to “New Orleans or NYC?”

  1. MrM says:

    I prefer Nawlins pre-deluge.
    It was a nice place for vampires then.


    Presently, I’d probably enjoy NYC better. Less wreckage, but not the same vibe, unfortunately.
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  2. dan_smith321 says:

    I live in New Orleans and its great i have always thought that i live in a city where nothing ever happens, but i was wrong LSU Tigers won the BCC Champions and Saints almost won the Superbowl, and then we had the Hornets which they almost won against the Spurs. There are other things to we have craw fish, we have alot of fun things that are here u have to the Dday Muesuem and great restraunts. We also have memories in New Orleans, when Katrina happened everyone thought that New Orleans wasn’t going to come back, but then God heard our prayers and gave New Orleans back to us. I think you should go to New Orleans and start your dream there.
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  3. 2D says:

    You can’t beat New Orleans. You won’t find the unique culture, the food, or the southern hospitality anywhere else in the world. 2D
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