11 Responses to “Neil Young plays the Beatles’ A Day In The Life’ Live at New Orleans Jazzfest 5/3/09”

  1. filiprogue says:

    great song, great …
    great song, great cover, neil is getting older but not worse !

  2. turtleman76210 says:

    i was told by my …
    i was told by my friend who was there that he hit like a bell or something as the last note and the rain started right then

  3. nirviral says:

    anybody see that …
    anybody see that guy with the king hat and big sunglasses?

  4. AhmedBahzzi says:

    Well that sucked
    Well that sucked

  5. saintsbuffs says:

    amazing encore– …
    amazing encore–right before the rain…what a treat..

  6. drock3825 says:

    this was amazing i …
    this was amazing i wish it was the entire song jazzfest was amazing

  7. macjonesss says:

    man jazz fest was …
    man jazz fest was such a good time. if anyone saw a guy in a bandana and orange shorts worshin neil young… im him

  8. BonnarooHenry says:


  9. fishe2jm says:

    that was so …
    that was so sick!!!!!! great performance!!

  10. guitarkitect says:

    Yeah, Neil really …
    Yeah, Neil really surprised us with his Beatles cover encore!
    And then pulling off his guitar strings and shaking his Les Paul to create wild distortion and feedback certainly paid homage to to the original song’s ending. Good show Mr. Young!

  11. eggrollXXXM says:

    this was great!
    this was great!

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