25 Responses to “Down NOLA – Stone the Crow”

  1. neoconpuppet says:

    VT checkin in.. …
    VT checkin in.. peace to all my French brothers down in the swamps

  2. phukdecaf says:

    Love everything …
    Love everything besides Phil’s hair!!

  3. nickthelick says:

    I love all the …
    I love all the bands these dudes are in, but I think Down – NOLA is possibly their finest hour… just magical… with a heavy Thin Lizzy twin lead sound goin’ on!
    Just magnificent! Big thumbs up!!

  4. emptyhead666 says:

    i love down …
    i love down
    just had to say that !

  5. partyboytimes says:

    really good song! i …
    really good song! i played this over and over again for like 3 hours!!!

  6. ramone says:

    how the can …
    how the can you dislike this!?!?!

  7. strongerthanallgtr says:

    Hell yeah just …
    yeah just posted a video responce with my cover, awesome upload! LONG LIVE NOLA

  8. KyleRenix says:

    check out…. …
    check out….nevermores new album….”The Obsidian Conspiracy”

  9. KyleRenix says:

    @666buuze lol what …
    @666buuze lol what about dime and vinnie? or wylde?…. halen …..clapton…maybe vai or gilmore?…

  10. getupandkill says:

    Welcome to Oblivion …
    Welcome to Oblivion! nice outro

  11. BarbedPrideOfficial says:

    search and listen ” …
    search and listen “Barbed Pride – Inferno”, if you like sludge doom!

  12. OakIcedancer says:

    I am in love <3<3
    I am in love <3<3

  13. AeroGaiden says:

    lol when i wanetd …
    lol when i wanetd to search for this band, the search options kept showing me some stupid jay sean results lmao..stupid mainstream music!!

  14. 666buuze says:

    @somerskent88 : …
    @somerskent88 : OMFG!!! Shame on me!!!! APOLOGIES!!!! naturally: PEP RULES!!!

    I can not believe i left out Pep…. i deserve spanking for that…

  15. somerskent88 says:

    @666buuze what …
    @666buuze what about pepper keenan !!?

  16. sakurachan0707 says:

    This is such a …
    This is such a classic 90’s metal tune. I wore out like 2 walkman’s on this CD.

  17. tapxodoll says:



  18. siLvEre99 says:


  19. philip21786 says:

    @milkman52879 Ok …
    @milkman52879 Ok fanboy….

  20. milkman52879 says:

    I …

    I don’t think anyone would seriously believe that there’s any band greater than BonJovi

  21. philip21786 says:

    @milkman52879 …
    @milkman52879 Surely you don’t think I am being serious. lol

  22. milkman52879 says:



    BonJovi > Souja Boy

    HIV / AIDS > BonJovi

  23. philip21786 says:

    @milkman52879 Who? …
    @milkman52879 Who? Have you ever heard of a rapper by the name of souja boy?

  24. milkman52879 says:

    Oh …

    Oh yeah? Well have you ever heard of a little band called Bonjovi?


  25. Thoer says:

    @philip21786 🙂
    @philip21786 🙂

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