11 Responses to “Cowboy Mouth – Disconnected (Live)”

  1. radialsaw4600 says:

    Cowboy Mouth IS NEW …
    Cowboy Mouth IS NEW ORLEANS. words cant explain how you fell at there concertts . Love them, its aparty wher your problems just leav. Keep rocking For ALL OF US

  2. 27esmith27 says:

    love you fred! you …
    love you fred! you rock my soul! its so awesome!

  3. seckles says:

    These guys RULE!!!!
    These guys RULE!!!!

  4. mayalogic says:

    man! I have never …
    man! I have never see a band so consistent for almost every live performance. Good Band!

  5. mluverne1969 says:

    love this song and …
    love this song and this is the BEST BAND EVER LIVE IN CONCERT GOOOO FRED!!

  6. daveandcliff says:

    I love the stage …
    I love the stage presence and music, is like a real guy and just love that, so over the “rockers”…can tell is into it and they love what they do!

  7. mike33385 says:

    i like how paul is …
    i like how paul is completely wasted throughout the whole song

  8. Starship35 says:

    Beau bébé, Fred !

    Beau bébé, Fred !
    Et belle chanson…
    Thanks for sharing it.

  9. magnoline says:


    I don’t like …

    I don’t like this guy’s visual stage presence or the things he says between songs, bbbbuuut the music omg the music slays me

  10. stlcoop says:

    im lovin the blues …
    im lovin the blues jersey at the end

  11. MissCaptainWeird says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …

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