Anyone been to Petunia’s in New Orleans French Quarter??

OK. I swear this restaurant had THE BEST food I have ever had, anywhere, hands down. Problem is that it’s been 3 years and I just can’t seem to replicate their recipe for Eggs Melanzana. It was a breaded and flash fried piece of eggplant with a piece to ham on top Like a was a smoked meat specific to the area), then a poached egg and then a kind of sauce. Has anyone had this? Does anyone remember better what it consisted of? Anyone know someone who works at Petunia’s or lives in NOLA? I’d almost be willing to PAY for an answer to this one!! We were on our honeymoon & I’d love to re-create it for our anniversary breakfast. Thanks SO much for any info you might be able to give me!

Here is a link that list a booklet that has their actual recipe that you can purchase. (if you scroll down it mentions it specifically is in the booklet and not the video)

Also found this description of it
At Petunia’s, it’s eggplant for breakfast in the Eggs Melanzana dish featuring eggplant rounds breaded with Italian breadcrumbs and deep fried, covered with grilled tomato and grilled sliced ham, topped with homemade hollandaise and a shake of Parmesan.