Talkin bout Zenni

People here in NOLA have been shouting ”Who Dat?!” in the streets for a long time but more recently there are talking about something else. The high cost of eyeglasses. I’ve got news, people. Stop the whining and complaining about the prices you have to pay for a pair of eyeglasses . You need to know about Zenni Optical. Because Zenni manufactures its eyeglasses in China there is a waiting period. With these prices you will be glad to wait, I guarantee, Cher
The prices at Zenni range from a mere eight bucks, that is correct, eight bucks, to forty dollars a pair at the high end. When considering your choices starting with where to have those eyeglasses made to all of the multiple lens and frame options, of course it’s Zenni Optical. Their low cost product will make that decision for you. Be prepared, there is an extra charge if you want bifocals or thick lenses. They also charge extra for anti-glare coating. At $4.95 extra as opposed to around $50-$100 extra at other places it is an easy choice. Shipping is just $4.95 no matter how many pairs you order, so get eyeglasses for your entire family at Zenni Optical.