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  1. jazzie606 says:

    Because the entire city got wiped out…not just a few families in a neighborhood…Then you also have the FEMA Fu**-Up…
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  2. conundrum_dragon says:

    Probally because of how long they went with out help. After the hurricane. Dead bodies were left proped agenst buildings for weeks. They weren’t ready for that, probally thought it would miss them. Who knows.
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  3. Pretty_Trini_Rican says:

    I am sure you don’t mean to be unsympathetic, but that is exactly what you are. Yes! People do loose their homes year long due to natural disasters. But if you can’t figure out why New Orleans has received so much attention, then there is no point in explaining it. I would only hope that you find some compassion.


    When other areas of the country are hit by natural disasters, the media does cover it. The reason for the amount of coverage in New Orleans is because an ENTIRE CITY was devastated. Thousands of people were evacuated to other cities. This is on a grand scale!

    That is like saying, why did the media give so much attention to Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict? People vanalize every day. <–The entire black population was in an uproar over the verdict.

    You come off as if you are upset with the people of New Orleans as well as the media.
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    Have a nice day!

  4. thompj64us says:

    New Orleans is a well known and beloved city from people all over the world, what happend there was a terrible thing. If you have ever lived thru a disaster you would know that it is not easy to pick yourself back up and rebuild your life. Alot of people are sypathatic to that.
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  5. rose36 says:

    How would you feel if you lost your home and everything you own. Would you want the attention?
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  6. ntadams01 says:

    Well, the American press covers New Orleans so much in America. For good or ill, people tend to care a lot more about disasters when they hit close to home. This is probably because it is easier for most Americans to identify with other Americans than it is to identify with people from Thailand, for example.
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  7. cwecommerce says:

    Well that is a tough question to answer. Especially since no one cared about New Orleans when we had the highest murder rate in the country. Also no one really gave a lot of attention to kids who graduate high school in New Orleans and can’t read. Then there is also that problem that people from Louisiana wanted publicized but couldn’t…, Our coastal erosion problem.

    A few days ago I rode into the lower 9th ward. Do you want it feels like to see mile after mile after mile of destroyed homes. Wait do you know what it feels like to see mile after mile after mile of devestated families.

    New Orleans didn’t ask for many of its problems. Many of the issues that caused problems in our area were the result of other people problems. Hurricane Katrina just brought them to light.

    We all want attention to be given to anyone who needs help. That way we feel like we can do something to help out or fellow man.

    I want the light shown on all problems. Lets just look at this a little differently. Suppose we say every person is given there 15 minutes in a tragic diaster. Now with an estimated half million people severly affected by Hurricane Katrina, that would be about 14.5 years of coverage. Let’s assume there are 5 main media outlets in a 24 hour period. This will be a big news story for almost 3 years.

    A second example would be the 1999 Oklahoma Kansas Tornado event. 10,500 home were affected. Assuming 3 people per home this would be a total of 31500 indivdiuals. This would equate to about 65 days of coverage. Do you know I saw information on these tornadoes just the other day.

    I don’t mean to seem really confusing, I just want to impact the scale of this problem. We are just talking about New Orleans here. It is true that Louisiana from Texas to Mississippi and both Mississippi and Alabama were severely affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. You can see my video of the lower 9th ward on Planet New Orleans.

    In closing I think New Orleans may have need more attention before the storm but deserves the attention it is getting. The devestation seen here is like nothing ever before in our country. I hope things will be returning to normal, but for a while New Orleans will have its 15 minutes. So sit back an enjoy. I only hope you will not need yours, because I would rather watch other people problems than have to face them myself.

    If you are currently involved in a disaster, my heart pours out to you and your family. We know how tough it is. Sometimes the bigger story will overide a smaller one. It is the same with evrything in life.
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  8. ShAwTy says:

    simply b.cuz itz nawlinz!!THE GREATEST CITY EVER!!!!!!!
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  9. jgardn2002 says:

    If you ask me, New Orleans is not getting enough attention. This was the largest natural disaster in American history. No metropolitan area has suffered the way that New Orleans had. That attention is needed not just from the media, but from the bush administration.

    This city has a long way to go in rebuilding, and we need continued support from the rest of the country…and the world.

    Vive La Nouvelle-Orléans!
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