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  1. nolajazzyguide says:

    The French Quarter is pretty safe, as is the downtown area. Summer is a slow time, so you could likely get a discounted rate at a French Quarter hotel. You could try Hotwire.com or Travelocity. The Quarter is close to many attractions, including the Aquarium, but you will need to drive to the zoo, which is located on Magazine Street uptown. Or you could stay at the Ramada Garden District Hotel on St. Charles, park your car and take the public transit bus. The streetcars are not back on St. Charles yet, but a couple are running on Canal Street and along the riverfront.
    Other hotel suggestions downtown would be the Drury Inn, on Poydras, right on the streetcar/bus line, 504-529-7800,or the LaQuina Inn and Suites on Camp St., 504-598-9977. Please note that if you choose to call the hotel, it’s best to call directly rather than using an 800 number, as you will get a better rate from what I’ve heard. For French Quarter hotels, you can go to: http://www.frenchquarterhotels.com. I would recommend keeping your car at your hotel and taking public transit or cabs or walking; it will be easier, except when going to the zoo.
    I would also like to suggest some other activities for your girls–there is the Children’s Museum on Julia Street, in the Warehouse District, http://www.lcm.org; consider taking a ride on the FR*EE Canal Street ferry across the river and catch the FR*EE shuttle to Mardi Gras World, where the Carnival floats are made–tours are by admission and go all day every day. Don’t forget stopping at Cafe Du Monde for the fabulous beignets and cafe au lait. It’s in Jackson Square, on Decatur Street, in the heart of the French Quarter. They are open 24/7, for the scrumptious square doughnuts covered with powdered sugar. White and chocolate milk are served there as well as the coffee.
    If you have time, take a river cruise on the Natchez-it leaves twice a day, at 11:30 am, and 2:30pm.
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    I’m a New Orleans tourguide–let me know if you want more info.

  2. JellyBean Bri says:

    i would stay downtown in the FQ. there is a package deal where if you buy tickets to both the aquarium and the zoo, there is a shuttle that will take you to and from both attractions, its called the Audubon Express Shuttle, it used to be a riverboat ride, but they switched up now. its only $28 for adults and $17 for children 2-12, and consider thing that the aquarium alone costs $17 for adults and the zoo costs $12 for adults, it say its a good deal and you get a ride! lol, also i would recommend going to rivertown, in kenner. its a great little place with musuems all long the street, like science musuem and a mardi gras musuem and a football musuem. it was my fave place to go when i was litttle and its fun for kids. and as wa said before the childrens musuem is amazing, and going to the french market. one thing i don’t suggest staying on bourbon with kids, so don’t do that. try staying at any of the hotels on canal street. like they hyatt or the hilton riverside i like the marriot.
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  3. Purple Haze says:

    Well this isn’t a Hotel but, this is a great and very reasonable place to stay. St. Vincent’s Guest house. Its an old orphanage very pretty. It is old and i guess not everyone likes it but they are reasonable and very friendly. You may or may not have tv. It has the feel of an old place but its in a safe and very nice part of town. You could end up spending a lot on hotels in New Orleans.
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    Stayed there

  4. neurodoc68 says:

    Stay in the Quarter. Since the hurricane, I have stayed in the Hotel Monteleone twice (smallish rooms except the suites), the Ritz Carlton twice (service still struggling to achieve appropriate standards), the W French Quarter twice (fabulous location on Chartres but a real sink would be nice), and the Windsor Court four times (love the full suites, but they need a make over). All have parking, are close the sites of the city, and are safe. Only the Monteleone would be described as historic. The size of the Windsor Court is perfect for kids. Have fun.
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  5. Barry says:

    The other answers have good suggestions. I recommend staying in the French Quarter (Vieux Carre") if you can. There is a very wide range of selections available, from moderate guest houses to very exclusive "boutique" hotels. Search Yahoo Travel and Travelocity for ideas + check the hotel websites.

    Katrina flooded about 80% of New Orleans with salt water, and the water stayed for almost a month. Much of the city is still struggling to recover and all you have to do to see devastation is drive around. It will take years for NOLA to fully recover from Katrina.

    However, the parts of the city that tourists usually visit were not flooded. It’s not a coincidence – the French Quarter and other old parts of the city were built on relatively high ground and only suffered wind damage from Katrina. Almost all of the damage has been repaired and you have to look closely in the FQ and city center to see that Katrina happened at all. You should visit and see for yourself.

    You can drink the water, the electricity & phones work, and services like the post office, hospitals, schools, police/fire/EMS, and stores & shopping centers are operating.

    Municipal services like street cleaning & trash collection collapsed after Katrina and that is why you may see answers warning about the “smelly” or "dirty" French Quarter. Those services were fully restored in late 2006 and it is no longer an issue.

    You don’t need a car to get around in the French Quarter, Central Business District, or Warehouse District. Also, the parking regulations are Byzantine and there are lots of Parking Control Agents. If you drive or rent a car, leave it in a lot or garage unless you are traveling away from downtown.

    The regional transit authority (www.norta.com) sells 1 and 3 day passes that offer unlimited use of buses and streetcars for the day(s) you select. There are also lots of taxicabs.

    Regarding crime, about 98% of the murders & shootings in New Orleans involve disputes between drug characters and almost all of the other 2% are "domestic" incidents. The situation was the same before Katrina except there are LESS murders & shootings now. That doesn’t make the crimes OK, but you really don’t have to worry about it unless you plan to buy or sell crack cocaine in New Orleans.

    Use the same common sense you need in every major city in the world and there is little chance you will be a victim of anything except a need to visit the gym: Pay attention to your surroundings. Stay away from anywhere dark & deserted. Pay attention to your feelings – if anyone or anywhere gives you a bad feeling, leave the area. Don’t leave something like a camera-bag or backpack unattended on a park bench while you wander off to take photos. Etc.

    Summers here are hot & humid, particularly in July and August – take it easy or stick to indoor activities during the middle of the day at that time of year. The good news for summer visitors is that hotel prices are usually lower.

    Hope you have a good trip!
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    I live in New Orleans.

  6. Mari B says:

    stay at harrahs.. right next to the aquarium and riverwalk..
    safe and nicest hotel by the quarter.
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  7. nickkie s says:

    you should check in the downtown areas,go to http://www.neworleans.com and it will give you a list of hotels and attractions.You should get a map of N.O off your computer if you have a printer or go to a tourist info center.Try and stay away from thee 9th ward area,if you haven’t been there its good to get as much info as you can,I take a 2hr ride from Lafayette,L.A to N.O every other weekend.They say it’s really bad there but it’s not like pow-pow all the time it just seems to get a little rowdy after hrs.Oh yeah and try not to flash cash,they still believe in mugging people from different states.be aware of your surroundings.I have family that stays in New Orleans and it’s not so bad there,this is just a heads up type warning.good luck and be safe.
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