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  1. BabyBoi says:

    Pat O’s (Pat O’Briens) is awesome and while you are down there you have got to go to Port of Call and have a Monsoon…seriously..

    Also, some other nices places are…Emilios, Cafe Du Monde, Margarittaville, and just about every other resturant you come across downtown.
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  2. Muppet says:

    Star Steak and Lobster House on Decatur Street.
    Central Grocery, also on Decatur, is a must stop for everyone visiting New Orleans. Get a whole muffuletta sandwich (they invented it) and share it.
    Cafe Du Monde is known for their cafe au lait and beignets. And guess what? It’s on Decatur too.
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  3. R&KBen says:

    I agree with the earlier comments on Cafe du Monde for Cafe au Lait and beignets either late night or early morning. Central is a great place for Muffalettas.

    If you want great food, try breakfast at Brennans. It isn’t cheap, but is a great meal. I also love Antoine’s. The seafood is phenomenal and it is a tradition.

    For drinks try the Bombay Club. A huge variety and nice ambience. Also be sure and get a Hurricane at Pat O’Briens.

    Ralph and Kacoos is a small chain that has a restaurant in New Orleans and has great food, probably the bet gumbo I have ever had (and I’m from Louisiana).

    My favorite place to eat is a dive called Johnny’s Po-Boys. A bunch of different kinds and EXTREMELY reasonably priced.

    Last, but not least, Acme Oyster House for fresh or fried oysters. They can’t be beat.
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  4. traveler says:

    Some more affordable spots are:
    Port O Call
    Napoleon House
    Louisiana Pizza Kitchen
    Johnny’s Po-Boys
    Gumbo Shop
    Cafe Beignet
    Coop’s Place

    If you want to try one upscale place I would try to make it to Bayona (of course you could always try one of the Brennens or Emrils restaurants too).
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  5. travelnut says:

    Angelis on Decauter
    Lousiana Pizza Kitchen
    Port O Call
    Yo Mamas
    Three Legged Dog
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  6. french_miester says:

    Alex Patout’s (if its still there). It was where i spent my 16 birthday..their place is awesome upscale but not too pricey..homemade meals with an upscale flair..fine dining. cozy atmosphere. great service, made a few great friends there!
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  7. teamkimme says:

    Harrah’s Casino buffet
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  8. nolajazzyguide says:

    Acme Oyster House on Iberville Street in the Quarter; Bubba Gump Shrimp on Decatur; Crescent City Brewhouse, also on Decatur Street, Remoulade, on Bourbon Street; Petunia’s on St. Louis Street. Central Grocery and Cafe du Monde are NOT restaurants, but they have 2 dishes unique to New Orleans–Central Grocery in the 900 block of Decatur Street has the muffeletta sandwich, ( a whole one is enough for at least 3 people), and Cafe Du Monde has the square doughnuts, the beignets and cafe au lait–chicory coffee with milk.
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    I’m a New Orleans tourguide

  9. mim says:

    All of these answers are good ones. New Orleans is one of the best places for food in the US. The tradition of good food will always be measured by the food in New Orleans.

    Commanders Palace was one of my favorites that wasn’t mentioned. It’s great for lunch or dinner and I never had anything on the menu that wasn’t succulent in every way.

    Don’t leave without having beignets, pralines, crawfish, and a muffalata. It’s like leaving NYC without having cheesecake or pizza.
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    Lived there and as a chef, appreciated all of the great food. I learned more about food and cooking there than anyplace I have ever lived.

  10. Juicy says:

    Any in the French Quarters
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  11. westjm26 says:

    Honestly, you are going to pay a lot more for food in the Quarter because it is ‘touristy’ and they can charge more. If you can, take a cab or bus Uptown. Along St. Charles Avenue, there are lots of great restaurants… You really can’t go wrong. Or, get off anywhere on Magazine Street Uptown… Tons of restaurants of all different cuisines.
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  12. Katie says:

    Napolean House has the most amazing muffaletas ever! Since it’s summertime definitely order a Pimm’s Cup, very refreshing! Also, Maspero’s is good, too. I believe that I had a pretty decent alligator sausage po’boy there at one time.
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  13. Darlene says:

    Cafe Du Monde for sure. Emerills and Central Grocery if they are still there. Good Muffalettas.
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  14. klashays16 says:

    pat o’briens for dinner and cafe du mond for desert
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