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  1. truth2masses says:

    @loveybells77 i …
    @loveybells77 i don’t think lolly died. it was tony bellamy, the slim brother with th mustache.i hope lolly is ok.

  2. yutube221 says:

    does anyone …
    does anyone recognize how lolly expressed himself with his eyes other than me!!!? I do love that. and i give thanks for that. thats sayn somethin!!

  3. HellsEagle58 says:

    Marie Laveau is …
    Marie Laveau is very alive and well in the spiritual. I touch her feet to show deference!

  4. Tengobaila says:

    This is so great! …
    This is so great! Thank you for all the info here and posting this fabulous video!

  5. dimpledick3inch says:

    Lolly Vasquez was …
    Lolly Vasquez was having gay sex with Rock Hudson back in the early seventies,who was his real witch queen of New Orleans.

  6. LABlueForever says:


  7. loveybells77 says:

    Rest in peace LOLLY …
    Rest in peace LOLLY.. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. tHANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR MUSIC WITH US.

  8. 12Zwolf says:

    Thank You For …
    Thank You For Posting This Thoughtful Tribute, Rest In Peace, Lolly Vegas.
    Valkyrie Ziege Mourne

  9. DutchHeartMonger1 says:

    My dear friends, I …
    My dear friends, I got some sad news. this morning Lolly Vegas guitar/singer(come and get your love) died of cancer, just 2 months after Tony. I am very very sad, and pray to the Great Spirit for both of them…may Lolly and Tony find eachother up there..R.I,P my brothers

  10. suebird1964 says:

    Rest in peace, my …
    Rest in peace, my brother. We shall meet in the Summerlands.

  11. truth2masses says:

    @truth2masses now i …
    @truth2masses now i just googled and found tony bellamy. he was the slim brother with the unique moustache! RIP, tallchief. may the creator and the heavens be pleased with you. ameen.

  12. truth2masses says:

    aw man! i’m just …
    aw man! i’m just hearing of tony bellamy’s death! i guess he never recovered from the stroke. RIP,big chief.

  13. thawthepast says:

    @TheMbird May GOD …
    @TheMbird May GOD the Great Spirit treat us all like cool…Tony was a great man and all my respects

  14. MrNutinfancy says:

    Sad to hear he had …
    Sad to hear he had good voice and played the guitar pretty good. R.I.P.

  15. maggiev0805 says:

    Thats sad about the …
    Thats sad about the guitarist.

  16. TheMbird says:

    T-bone Bellamy ( …
    T-bone Bellamy (Tony) lead guitarist and vocalist…passed away December 25th 2009 at 8:13 am in Las Vegas. His Celebration will be the 30th of Dec at Bugsys in Vegas.

  17. crystalbeau says:

    none of the were …
    none of the were siouix, they were mixed blood more hense the name redbone. it was old slang for a bit of Nat, blood… not enough to be enrolled

  18. speedkills2010 says:

    nice haircuts ^^
    nice haircuts ^^

  19. StrangersKillingTime says:

    goooo souix go souix
    goooo souix go souix

  20. vobear says:

    Lead singer is Pat …
    Lead singer is Pat Vegas/Vasquez. Other lead is his brother Lolly. Tony Bellamy is guitarist on far left.

  21. BreakThoseKeys says:

    Good for Holloween!
    Good for Holloween!

  22. magicspidercat says:

    wheres that sexy …
    wheres that sexy witch queen ,U need a spell putting on me…….

  23. nuadagodofwar says:

    Redbone was NOT a …
    Redbone was NOT a Cajun band, they were Native American!

  24. luckystriker888 says:


  25. HeNdOxJeNdo says:

    wow love it ktf
    wow love it ktf

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