25 Responses to “The Battle of New Orleans – Lego Video”

  1. wandcandy says:

    @rossobantam lol
    @rossobantam lol

  2. tostedcheeseman says:

    @DavBlc7 good to …
    @DavBlc7 good to see a brit that
    a) isnt sayin that britain won
    b) isnt insulting the US
    I no u guys exist, but it seems like theyre getting rarer and rarer.

  3. pslayden says:

    This was BRILLIANT …
    This was BRILLIANT !!!! Enjoyed it thoroughly !!

  4. MisterTyTy says:

    how do u make that …
    how do u make that look so good

  5. coltmania06 says:

    awesome video.

    awesome video.

  6. Joshisourfriend says:

    What is Kobe Bryant …
    What is Kobe Bryant doing out on the battlfield ? lol

  7. tracetube12 says:

    my dad sung this to …
    my dad sung this to me one i was little

  8. rhysmcgrath says:


  9. kgpspyguy says:

    amazing animation …
    amazing animation thanks for sharing

  10. lego2079 says:

    @rossobantam LOL so …
    @rossobantam LOL so funny

  11. DavBlc7 says:

    Very funny, …
    Very funny, especially that the Yanks using a croc as a cannon! I know the Battle of New Orleans was a victory for the Yanks. however unknown to both sides, the treaty was signed after no one win the war and it really was not a victory, just waste of good lives – both Yanks and us Brits.

    Good music though especially as I am a deaf person!

  12. rossobantam says:

    look at the back …
    look at the back near 40 at the back of cannon there is a guy Taliban with m16 lol

  13. marthacatgirl says:

    Absolute awesome …
    Absolute awesome video set to a great song!

  14. Agomongo1235 says:

    … *clap clap clap …
    … *clap clap clap (clapping gets faster) clap clap clap…) BRAVO

  15. luvrboog says:

    Epic WIN!!! : )
    Epic WIN!!! : )

  16. Wildstar40 says:

    Absolutly Brilliant …
    Absolutly Brilliant !

  17. monkeynut409 says:

    Great video , i …
    Great video , i love it

  18. ReynoldAckerson says:

    I love this thing.
    I love this thing.

  19. umean123 says:

    @Mrhockeykid100 …
    @Mrhockeykid100 History is full of lies at some point man… whoever wins rights what happened lie or not.

  20. Mrhockeykid100 says:

    WTF the British had …
    WTF the British had no advances they had no supplies they were outnumbered and tired jackasss

  21. legoboyfan101 says:

    cool like the song …
    cool like the song funny
    omg the gator part halarious

  22. legoboyfan101 says:

    cool like the song …
    cool like the song funny

  23. thecoolvideos19 says:

    cool make another …
    cool make another one.

  24. showdude12 says:

    lol black guy

    lol black guy

  25. jfsowards says:

    Two of Jack’s …
    Two of Jack’s favorite things….legos and Johnny Horton. We’re watching it over and over and over.

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