25 Responses to “Putumayo Presents: New Orleans Brass”

  1. sazerac1 says:

    I love my city and …
    I love my city and I’m so proud of it!

  2. showgurls says:

    On my way tomorrow. …
    On my way tomorrow. Look out Owleans here I come!

  3. WILDANABDAT says:

    i love, when i …
    i love, when i realize that i love this dixieland things … very fun scene.cheeeeeeers

  4. grandmadeath86 says:

    she does sound like …
    she does sound like billie holiday! … Billie was one of a kind though!

  5. vaivedrai says:


  6. emig504 says:



    If you go you won’t want to leave! I am born and raised and can ‘t think of EVER living anywhere else! You should come down eat some red beans and a few drinks!

  7. analfabeta44 says:

    I love New Orleans! …
    I love New Orleans! USA would be nothing without NO!

  8. catanlorca says:

    JUST FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ms. Lucia is a goddess, no doubt!
    Hope, we can see and hear this great
    talent and her incredible band in germany
    one day… go on! Your fans from Germany.

  9. DeuceMP2 says:

    Despite the lower …
    Despite the lower ninth ward right?

  10. jadeydark says:

    hey…, i am from …
    hey…, i am from peru and living here 4 years ago…, and for one reason i can not understand i feel SO MUCH attraction to new orleans and this music style. at the minute 2:33 when the band appears.., that is so intense, passionate, enjoyable, energetic, and those people are having fun 1000% that’d be a great feeling to feel, i’ll go there one day and experiment myself the spirit of this city and its people.

  11. emig504 says:

    what courtyard was …
    what courtyard was this filmed???

  12. rythebrain says:

    Doesn’t she sound …
    Doesn’t she sound ALOT like Billie Holiday

  13. jes1993sica says:

    cool song
    cool song

  14. legesleg says:

    a little Europa in …
    a little Europa in U.s.a.
    and a little bite from culture, music, people, relations to everything

  15. nolagirl87 says:

    i love this video. …
    i love this video. i moved to new orleans after doing volenteer work after katrina and fell in love with this city. this video captures new orleans completely. the spirit of this city is amazing. its so alive the music, people, everything. they really celebrate life here.

  16. SaintLouisAnimal says:

    I love New Orleans …
    I love New Orleans and I aint never been.

  17. dionfoto says:

    this video captures …
    this video captures the heart & soul
    of new orleans and it’s people

  18. renea1245 says:

    Best city in the …
    Best city in the world

  19. jasonkristen5 says:

    This is AWESOME!!!! …
    This is AWESOME!!!! Born and raised in NOLA. Always in my heart! Thank you for this video!

  20. nlientz says:

    just makes me all …
    just makes me all the more excited to go back there in 4 days! i was meant to live there, not detroit, love this song!!

  21. ccrnurse848 says:

    I’m lovin’ it!
    I’m lovin’ it!

  22. iangcryar says:

    so true, so true.
    so true, so true.

  23. cmsix says:

    Hey tdg911 that’s …
    Hey tdg911 that’s just what you’d expect out of a coonass mouth that want’s to kick something when it’s down.


  24. tdg911 says:

    hey kaeyoung11 your …
    hey kaeyoung11 your not missing anything unless you love the crime rate, assbackwards politics and road construction on every major artery. I’d love to pull out and I was born and raised here but I haven’t come across the perfect opportunity to move out of state.

  25. kaeyoung11 says:

    I now live in Texas …
    I now live in Texas, but watching this makes me homesick. It’s beautiful, it’s truthful, and it should be the state song, if there is such a thing. I love it too!!!

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