1. TheCombatFetus says:

    @iSlandTerra – I …
    @iSlandTerra – I live in Chicago, nice try though. And I will comment as I please.

  2. iSlandTerra says:


    – and New Orleans is a beautiful place to live and to visit…..so cramp your comment…….k =]

  3. iSlandTerra says:


    -you know i hate people like you……you most likely have never been to the city…..and you most likely live in some boring country town with no presents ……just because you think you know something does not mean that you should comment it any way you want……

  4. mistertakeda says:

    NOLA ‘mid. Tough as …
    NOLA ‘mid. Tough as nails. Wouldn’t last a day in there without the proper hardware. City stopped funding it as of ’52. Then the corporations backed out. Now the place is ruled by a mixture of local toughs and a handful of quasi-legitimate mafia-run corporate interests that stuck around post collapse. The faster I leave, the better.

  5. WaiweraTui says:

    And your evidence …
    And your evidence for that is….where? Surely, arcologies being designed to hold LOTS of people would be completely contradictory to your idea of population control….

  6. Mafkeesdejong says:

    Who designed this? …
    Who designed this? It looks like one of Jacque Fresco’s (The Venus Project) designs.

  7. dsak199 says:

    awesome work!
    awesome work!

  8. Tangram3DS says:

    We did list the …
    We did list the artist. Unfortunately some of the text is blocked out at the end. The artists name is John Charpentier, a very talented musician.

  9. Lovebattallion says:

    Anyone wondering …
    Anyone wondering about the purpose for one of these things could look into the UN agenda of population control and smart cities. This is not just for fun.

  10. resuetil says:


  11. resuetil says:


  12. e3ovuziotica says:

    The MUSIC?! Is the …
    The MUSIC?! Is the credits for it? (the scrolling credits are almost blacked out for some reason)

  13. jona169 says:

    hey gays.. this is …
    hey gays.. this is awesome.. great animation and also great desing! what sofware did you use for do that?

  14. salvadorBali says:

    i am not so sure …
    i am not so sure that an architect would properly think of things aesthetical, rather than aesthetic. though tossing rude remarks needlessly, plain ugly. never mix, never worry, that’s the NOLA i love.

  15. JaceInman says:

    I agree!
    I agree!

  16. Tangram3DS says:

    Thank you for your …
    Thank you for your interest, but do not use such violent language when you post your comments. I will need to remove or block such posts.
    Thank you for your understanding

  17. everlastingwicca says:

    i love the …
    i love the animation. very realistic. cool video!
    and a note to the boring idiots who keep ranting about how money is needed for the unemployed…well this sort of things keep us architects employed, give alternatives to future developments of cities, merging the functional and the aesthetical!

  18. InfiniteEndurance says:

    I also think its …
    I also think its too soon for arcologies, I guess this video is just a demonstration.

  19. InfiniteEndurance says:

    These people are …
    These people are not the first to start building arcologies. New arcologies are being build and showcased. And some will inhabit over 70 thousand people. However this will be only available in the future when the population is too hard to control.

  20. Tangram3DS says:

    To read more about …
    To read more about floating cities or Stationary Buoyant City (SBC) check out Aquantix

  21. IrinaNOLA says:

    This thing is too …
    This thing is too industrial-looking and does not belong anywhere near the Quarter! What is it supposed to be? Some sort of a floating refuge in case of a flood? How many people can you put in there? If it’s just a ‘visualisation” – it’s a total waste of time and money….

  22. JohnDaCajun says:

    The only problem …
    The only problem with it is it would make our CBD look like crap. (awesome design though)

  23. Cyaneyed77 says:

    I wonder if Will …
    I wonder if Will Wright will get royalties!


    word arcology FTW
    word arcology FTW

  25. kubu79 says:

    This structures …
    This structures along with all structres designed to impress remind me of a single thing, a single concept: PROPAGANDA! Propaganda is intended to make people feel happy, secure and eternal in the moment! CRAP that I never bought and never will!

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