26 Responses to “New Orleans: Systemic Police Brutality Exposed”

  1. NWKBricks1 says:

    Kudos for another …
    Kudos for another excellent piece, RNN!

    The Frontline documentary is a must see for those interested.

  2. Kan2209 says:

    @highlanderhillfarm …
    @highlanderhillfarm Better start doign something and quick. Like Christopher Hitcehns said on his arrival to the U.S, that everything was out of order, trains were breaking down and late, sounds of horns and sirens everywhere, complete chaos compared to what the U.S.A used to be. You need better education, more demands form the public by the public, and more humane people into government. A grand reform should be done to stop this decay.

  3. Kan2209 says:

    Are these people …
    Are these people being charged now? I hoe they are. Demand it people. All the 4469 people watching this… :/

    How do we get more viewers for this news network?

  4. x0xkasumix0x says:

    the fact that this …
    the fact that this is not mainstream news…. demonstrates the corruption of the corperate owned mainstream news. : S

    Disgusting that the police did these things… in a time of panick… thats just shocking.

  5. Badjohn007 says:

    Another white …
    Another white expert on the black plight. With all the black journalists and writers why is it the only writers who get book deals to tell our stories are people like this guy or girl or whatever he is.

  6. causechange says:

    Powerful info! …
    Powerful info! Lighten up Paul, you have a scowel!

  7. highkarate says:

    Great Report!

    The …
    Great Report!

    The po po is out of control

    the boys at Tasers R Us are trigger happy, ni**a happy,

    ready to get slap happy with anything nappy.

    Ask yer pappy what sappy poppy pushing solopsistic twits run this shit.

  8. elbowbiter1 says:

    @Maxander2001 Nice …
    @Maxander2001 Nice choice, I support your anti establishment voting habits.

  9. Maxander2001 says:

    @elbowbiter1 I …
    @elbowbiter1 I voted for The Pirate Party in our national elections yesterday (Sweden). Unfortunately they didn’t make it into our “parlament” this time, maybe next! Atleast my party is helping WikiLeaks with hosting them on ze internet…information wants to be free. 🙂

  10. Trucidofy says:

    Yes, leftist …
    Yes, leftist anarchists tend to see the situation totally opposite than police. “if you can sleep at night, go ahead and do it…” WTF?!? BLACKS PREACH IN THE STREETS, “WE HAVE KILL THE CRACKERS BABIES!” Now, this makes me sick. I cant believe this shit, what a bunch of animals and some of you still wonders why they are treated as animals. Pls, grow up and cut the BS.

  11. gramosjr7 says:

    What will happen to …
    What will happen to you when you die? Have you ever told lies, stolen, used God’s name in vain, or looked at someone with lust? If yes, then you are a lying, theiving, blasphemous, adulterer at heart. When you die & stand before God you’ll be guilty of breaking His law. The bible says you’ll end up in Hell! But God sent God his Son Jesus to die for your sins, & He rose from the dead on the third day. If you’ll believe the Gospel(Jesus? died for your sins & was? resurrected) you’ll be saved!

  12. ANDR3W1848 says:

    This is outrageous!
    This is outrageous!

  13. Heathencrusher7 says:

    @johnied8509 Thats …
    @johnied8509 Thats good you know who this devil is, you see by their actions and laws they love to be devils…this wraps up their track record right here…(Joh 10:10) The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

  14. johnied8509 says:

    yea they are the …
    yea they are the devil,s of this world and BW have a nerve to marry and have kids to these evil men.

  15. sinistavoicez says:

    excellent POST!!!
    excellent POST!!!

  16. BeondaPale says:


    I …

    I hope so. I read that, but I don’t know if it’s true or if it’s just something we’re being told. Still, all that stuff doesn’t just disappear. If it’s not here, its with all the water we pumped out of here in Lake Pontchartrain

  17. elbowbiter1 says:

    @Maxander2001 Yes, …
    @Maxander2001 Yes, remember to vote, shop and watch lots of TV! Fashionable consumption defines you. Voting is the BEST way to make the world a better place. It takes an hour at most and then you can get back to filling your mind with entertainments and plots to fill your life with new consumables. Never, invest time in science and engineering, best to leave this to the professionals that only engineer stuff that can make a buck. Thanks for the comment… keep supporting the troops.

  18. xBloodXGusherx says:

    The Solution:

    Arm …
    The Solution:

    Arm yourselves with a gun and kill any cop that posses a threat to you. This is what it is coming down to.

  19. spareaxe says:

    @btigtime2 What did …
    @btigtime2 What did you expect? That’s what most gov’t’s do and take credit where it’s not due.

  20. Idtelos says:

    Gangs and Mobs have …
    Gangs and Mobs have thugs, enforcers, etc. Local Government have cops. Federal Government have standing armies. what do these all have in common? Nothing but content for humanity.

  21. Trucidofy says:

    Like in evry walk …
    Like in evry walk of life, the horrible events like the Katrina, will bring the best and the very worst of human nature. Im sad that this mostly brought the worst part in police and in looter groups. I saw the vidos about the black polices looting too, they werent looking for food and even lied about that later. Its not black or white thing, its cultural and how ppl were brought up issue. Poor ppl are more tend to violence and looting cause they have nothing to lose.

  22. danger0usknowledge says:

    La & NO were turned …
    La & NO were turned
    from democrat to RNC b/c of Katrina.
    This scenario was put in motion
    before Katrina:
    ‘If a storm hits we hit Blanco with
    everything we have from DOJ.
    We overthrow everything.’

    The power of the RNC to instill fear:
    They threatened you & your family
    with harassment. Your job & your
    bosses job. The same
    with any significant others.
    If they go non-lethal on you
    won’t know it but you’ll
    notice little things going
    wrong…with everything.

  23. mikeoli says:

    Excellent piece my …
    Excellent piece my heart goes out to the people portrayed in this saddening video, and I hopr the individuals responsible for the mayhem murder and inhuman treatment are brought to jucstice

  24. btigtime2 says:

    I watched …
    I watched Front-line. Everything I thought about what happened in New Orleans was a lie…. Katrina was a very good example how effective Government lies and Media cover-ups can be. So what really happening anywhere about anything?

  25. MrGAB4444 says:

    @Proudtobeacommie @ …
    @Proudtobeacommie @mikepalomino I lived in NO 20 years before K, they knew levies bad- then, got $ & diverted it. I’m not political when I see corruption. Now few seethe green police usurping state functions, our 1st rspdrs are being destroyed. trying to send out a warning, to only those capable of understanding -the rest of you libtards that got us here -now live it – you have been wildly successful. i SOLD, LONG AGO, SLVR, GLD ,RENTING & PLENTY O LEAD. And out oda country in place.

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