5 Responses to “New Orleans Rag”

  1. disinthebrow says:

    Ragtime Rick is one …
    Ragtime Rick is one of the best jass players i have ever had the honor of seeing and sharing the stage with… amazing

  2. lilboime says:

    he can deal …
    he can deal without the talking

  3. stefofanogango2 says:

    Wow good! Beutiful …
    Wow good! Beutiful music

  4. vivazapata74 says:

    very very good
    very very good

  5. Edward says:

    It had shrimp, oysters and crab along with some andouille and the quantity of okra was fully perfect. While enjoying my bowl of Louisiana pleasure I was reminded how wonderfully toothsome a straightforward and rustic dish like gumbo can be.

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