13 Responses to “New Orleans Locals! What is your favorite thing to do in the French Quarter?”

  1. nola_cajun says:

    well .. have you ever done the touristy things ??

    My boyfriend is from Detroit.. I met him when he 1st moved here 2 years ago. He didn’t know anything about New Orleans.. so for some odd reason i thought *Hey lets do a tour* .. At 1st I thought they would be corny being that I grew up here and I thought I already knew everything the city has to offer. Also b/c .. what crazy local would go on a tour .. of their own city? but I was wrong .. We had a blast on every tour .. we did the haunted history tour .. cemetery tour .. garden district tour .. nachez cruse.. every tour you can think of ..

    Tho it may sound weird.. i would suggest everyone to go on a tour.. there were some things I never even knew about New Orleans that I learned.


    USUALLY when I go to the french quarter.. .. Its for a certain event .. such as a musical show I want to see.
    Other times I’ll go to Harrahas then Frenchmen St

    If you’re looking for something new to do.. and you like music.. check out a band called VA VA VOOM .. if you haven’t already heard of them. I discovered them a few months ago and they are amazing. I was on French Men street at 11:00 .. on a friday night .. and it was COMPELTELY empty.. which is VERY strange. .. Until I walked past Blue Nile.. I go inside and it is PACT.. with half of the crowd dancing ! Va Va Voom is music like i’ve never heard and its hard to describe. Its mellow yet and very lively .. Though i dont dance . .. they are great to watch


    good luck
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    Damn i talk too much

  2. Darlene says:

    Go to Pat O’Briens….
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  3. Don says:

    Eat a muffallatta from Central Groceries. .
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  4. JellyBean Bri says:

    i like the french market and jax brewary and jackson square
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  5. Larry J says:

    Just about anything not on Bourbon ST.
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  6. TwinMomma says:

    I love to go to Club Utopia on a Friday night! I also like to walk the Riverwalk, talk about teenage memories!
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  7. gwenleonhard says:

    I’m a local. Just meander up and down the streets and stop into a place when the spirit moves you. Ohh, and do all this with a frozen daquiri or a Pat’s O’Brien’s Hurricane in your hands!
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  8. big chiefing says:

    one of the funnest nights that i ever had on bourbon st. included alot of ecstacy and hurricanes. i suggest buying some tabs and just aimlessly wondering around. oh yeah, make sure you include some strip clubs. may i suggest the hustler club. rock it out brother.
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  9. carmelo_sabato says:

    watch the girls with the big milk makers flush you!!
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  10. Jeff says:

    Avoid it, and complain about all the problems down there.
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  11. whervel says:

    Browse the art galleries on Royal Street. You would be surprised what you find in there, especially the print galleries. There are some really cool and crazy prints in those. Some are very cheap, like under $15 for vintage Mardi Gras posters.
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  12. jugghayd says:

    I make it to the French Market a lot just when I want to get some cheap sunglasses (I lose mine pretty much every month) and I’ll usually get a bite to eat somewhere right in the area.
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  13. pathfinder says:

    Since Katrina, thing are very slow in the French Quarter, I say this as a homeowner in the FQ.
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