8 Responses to “New Orleans Continues to Rebuild”

  1. VMATT500C says:

    When is Bp …
    When is Bp rebuilding the GULF?

  2. Hazedream says:

    hope they get …
    hope they get rebuilt 100% soon i feel bad….
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  3. calbear30 says:

    how can mike brown …
    how can mike brown be allowed to walk the streets of new orleans is beyond me

  4. wuhlei says:

    a lot of lost …
    a lot of lost history.

  5. wuhlei says:

    @djxxlaker lol how?
    @djxxlaker lol how?

  6. louisgil20 says:

    there buncha fagas …
    there buncha fagas niggers
    the yshould have another hurrciane so i can laugh again
    suks for them they should move back to like bombaway

  7. Fr4tBoY says:

    god dam …
    god dam advertisement!!!

  8. djxxlaker says:

    thay should test it …
    thay should test it..

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