21 Responses to “New Orleans Celebrates Saints’ Title”

  1. TH4G4M31T says:


  2. Nyota504 says:

    who dat ?? we dat ! …
    who dat ?? we dat !!! new orleans

  3. RollinwitdaG says:

    Congrads to New …
    Congrads to New Orleans from Vegas
    I think the whole West Coast was pulling for Reggie Bush Congrads Saints
    WHO DAT Tone G YEA!

  4. pancakesnhyrup14 says:

    the parade was …
    the parade was awesome who dat!!

  5. gormar21487 says:

    Wow…. I enjoy …
    Wow…. I enjoy watching football, but in the back of my mind what’s really important. I look at the overall picture and say are these professional athletes being payed too much money for what they do.. hmmmm… I sure hope I’m not the only one that feels this way… After all the economy is going to and we are trillions of dollars in debt…

  6. sazerac1 says:

    The parade ended up …
    The parade ended up across the river at Blaine Kerne’s Mardi Gras World. IIt must have been completely insane to all the players. Drew Brees is the new King of New Orleans.

  7. CadillacL says:


  8. andrew2high says:

    ARABI, LA!!!! 70032
    ARABI, LA!!!! 70032

  9. ifiwasabug says:

    fucking awesome…

  10. blmaniscalco27 says:

    I am so jealous! I …
    I am so jealous! I wish I could have been there! WHO DAT!!

  11. aerofr33k says:

    damn right do u …
    right do u live in new orlean cuz i drove all the way from mobile

  12. ctechie06 says:

    miskoe79 YOU! …
    miskoe79 YOU! GO THRU a Major Hurricane and see what brillance you have to say. your self and your team you were rooting for. THE SAINTS ARE AMERICA’s Team, a team of DESINTY. YOU HAVE NO FAITH OR SOUL!! LEZ BON TEMPS ROULE!!! GEUAX SAINTS!!!

  13. miskoe79 says:

    fuck n.o

  14. andrew2high says:

    the parade was the …
    the parade was the shit!!!! WHO DAT?!!!!

  15. spidergal777 says:

    WAAAAAAAAAAAH! held hands with sharper, casilla, porter, bush, arnoux, and shockeyyyy!!!!!! aaahhh!!!! i almost DIED! and they handed me some awesome beads! ahha i love my city! WHO DAT BABY!?

  16. badgyrl310 says:

    LOL Sharper hype as …
    LOL Sharper hype as hell. Geaux Saints! Who Dat

  17. redretrieve says:

    I was there!!! It …
    I was there!!! It was amazing! Shockey and Colston signed my hat!

  18. kaiskew15 says:

    whoooo dat!!!!!!!
    whoooo dat!!!!!!!

  19. boxxxdog says:

    whooo datttt!!!!!!!
    whooo datttt!!!!!!!

  20. DEEPTHROAT36 says:

    Was Reggie Bush …
    Was Reggie Bush There? R somewhere up Kim K. Azz…

  21. GOLAKERS2K10 says:

    They are cutting up …
    They are cutting up in the big easy !!!

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