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  1. gumbogrrl says:

    We are here in New …
    We are here in New Orleans and not going anywhere. Much NOLA love to all who want to see her continue to prosper!

  2. sigursiggi says:

    i know they exist …
    i know they exist somewhere…funny thing is, nothing at all has changed in the scenes in front of the cabildo, the little alley…the only difference seems to be the model t’s and the fashions. of course so much has happened since 1926, but the feeling remains. i miss home so much….

  3. LisaPalNOLA says:

    Wonderful video. So …
    Wonderful video. So much is still the same. I am so blessed to have been born and raised in the best city on earth. Nothing can kill our spirit here. Nothing. 504-ever!

  4. mannnannnny says:

    i couldnt help but …
    i couldnt help but feel a little cynical when they showed the levee system.

  5. tranvozcaya says:

    Ahh funy video!!! …
    Ahh funy video!!! Nice houses… I never been there but thanks it I can see as it was… It sould be a very big city and it looks as it was growing more and more… Interesting… It sould exist more vids. like that one, thanks to posting!

  6. vashaczar says:

    Take a pill, Il …
    Take a pill, Il Duce. Please do NOT be an oppressive, overreactive, preachy authoritarian–it’s very presumptuous.

  7. anglicansag says:


    New Orleans …

    New Orleans is still VERY charming.

    Perhaps more now than ever.

    Please do NOT be presumptuous.


  8. mymindourdream says:

    really interesting, …
    really interesting,N.Orleas was really charming,i suppose still is…well done,5/5!!!

  9. anglicansag says:

    Oh, the Tantalizing …
    Oh, the Tantalizing Glimpses of Mardi Gras floats at the end ….. made this New Orleanian cry.

    FABULOUS POST ! The beginning, especially, showing landmarks that are still here. It’s such a wonderful city… I am blessed to have grown up here.

    The end was a marketing attempt to promote New Orleans as a Port City ( and it still is a huge one) But air travel and the interstate system make this video a quaint relic…. apropos.

    Visit us and share our indomitable Joie de Vivre !!!!!!!!

  10. 504662Boi says:

    Look at all the …
    Look at all the land that was under NOLA back then. Hpefully nxt year our gret city will vote in a mayor who actually cares for our city and wants to see it become the progressice, growing city that it once was. One day New Orleans will once again be a symbol of greatness and pride for our country.

  11. infrogmation says:

    In order: Uptown, …
    In order: Uptown, Audubon Park. St. Roch Cemetery. Jackson Square. French Quarter: St. Peter & Royal. Cabildo (Pirate’s) Alley. [courtyards]. Canal Street. CBD. [Animation] Riverfront & Industrial Canal. Carnival, St. Charles St, Canal Street.

    Great to see. Pretty much everything seen here is still here, except the port is containerized & mechanized now.

  12. kiymora says:

    i bet that’s that …
    i bet that’s that same old banana tree in that courtyard

  13. kent504 says:

    I hope so to.
    I hope so to.

  14. CJM70124 says:

    Wish it was still …
    Wish it was still as this video portrays here in NOLA!!
    It seems as though it’s been downhill since the early 70’s. Hopefully the next mayor can turn it around for those of us who have “stuck it out”.

  15. 33Keith33 says:

    I’m a New Orleans …
    I’m a New Orleans native. If you’re visiting us this summer be prepared for HEAT and HUMIDITY! Otherwise, it’s a great city. Hope you have agood time!

  16. stevehannah says:

    Nice mardi gras …
    Nice mardi gras floats, New Orleans is Awsome just came from JAZZ FEST 2008.

  17. TifNieB says:

    I love this video.. …
    I love this video… I MISS HOME SOO MUCH. I am actually crying tears of joy because nomatter how much of a Bad Rep they try to give us…. they can’ get enough of us. Tina and Ike said it, tourist says it, and I’ll DIE saying it. There is no place better to call home than NEW ORLEANS, LA!

  18. black324 says:

    cool video
    cool video

  19. anais04 says:

    i loved the video! …
    i loved the video! i’ll visit NO this summer, i can’t wait!
    what about the music, could you tell us what you used? i really like it.

  20. anitagrave says:


  21. DNDZOLLER says:

    I love this movie, …
    I love this movie, note in the movie the car passing in (front) of the Cabildo. You don’t see that today unless there is a wedding at the St. louis Cathedral.

  22. DNDZOLLER says:

    After the text in …
    After the text in the movie (The preserves memories of Spain and France) that is actually a german american cemetery called St. Roch. You could see chapel in the movie honor of the St. Roch, the healer.
    Ever in the 1920’s you see people touring the cemeteries.

  23. kimberlyann5 says:

    great ty
    great ty

  24. tedainsworth says:

    I believe the …
    I believe the levees were on the river. The other levees didn’t exist.

  25. nolalily says:

    Whoa. whoa. whoa. …
    Whoa. whoa. whoa. Hey, that was great! Loved the coffee beans, wool and bananas.

    Think one of the piano pieces was Cow Cow Davenport.

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